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Friday, June 27, 2008

Shorts from the BOS, June 24

At its June 24 meeting, Doug Stevenson, chair of the Board of Selectman, began by thanking several people including Board of Selectmen (BOS) member Tim Hult who had served as chairperson for the previous year, Jane Anderson for her work toward restoring the liberty statue in the center of town, and Dave and Florence Reed who, “really put their heart and soul into Old Home Day.” With thanks completed, the Selectmen began a long evening’s work.

Hanover Hill. The BOS granted permission to Wilkins Hill Realty for the removal of trees along Westford Street. Up to 20 trees of “significant size” along with smaller trees will be removed to allow footpaths to be constructed between the new Hanover Hill subdivision and Towle Field. The plan for tree removal had been previously approved by the planning board. The BOS also accepted non-exclusive pathway easements from Wilkins Hill Realty. One easement, for the east end of the project will be used for the footpaths. An additional easement is to the west end of the project. The easements had been reviewed by the pathways committee and by Town Counsel.

Raffle. The BOS granted permission for the Communities for Restorative Justice to sell raffle tickets for a SmartCar on Saturday, July 26 at the transfer station.

Scholarships. The BOS approved the list of 2008 Caroline Hill Scholarships. The list was submitted by Sally Coulter, Michael Fitzgerald and Diane Powers (chair) of the Carlisle Scholarship Committee. Scholarships will be awarded to: Daniel Canina, Carol-Ann Wallhagen, Philip Dumka, Elizabeth Daltas, Jacob Faucher, Jenn Fantasia, Patrick Fantasia, Joseph Lesses, Emma Canina and Lauren Middleton.

Carlisle School Building project. The BOS approved the “Carlisle Designer Selection Procedures” which had been developed with the school building project in mind, but will be applied to future town projects that require design work.

Bookkeeping. The BOS voted to increase the limits of town 53E½ accounts for : Hazardous Waste from $35,000 to $50,000 and for the Youth Commission from $5,000 to $8,000. These are revolving funds that are authorized by the town each year. Income to each fund is from associated fees.

Fire cisterns. The board heard a presentation from Fire Chief David Flannery about the plan to increase the number of cisterns in town. Using a $200,000 appropriation from Town Meeting, the fire department has begun a program to increase fire safety and decrease fire insurance costs for individuals by providing sources of water for fire fighting in areas of town that do not currently have a reliable source.

Town Common pathways. The BOS agreed to form a committee to help work out the pathways around the town common. Representatives from the pathways committee, the traffic safety and advisory committee, the First Religious Society, the Historical Commission, the BOS, the planning board, the Honor Roll Committee and a representative of the town center residents will be included. The board hoped that the committee would be formed quickly and be able to report back by early November.

Energy audit committee. BOS agreed that members Tim Hult and John Williams will report back at the next meeting with plans for a new group that will audit town government energy use. Hult and Williams will propose a charter for the group, its suggested composition and a method to recruit interested residents.

Summer schedule for BOS meetings will be: July 8, July 22 (offsite) and August 12. ∆

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