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Friday, June 27, 2008

Melissa Stamp promoted to Assessor

Carlisle’s newest Principal Assessor, Melissa Stamp, is a familiar face at Town Hall. While she received her title on Monday, June 23, she has served as interim assessor since March, and prior to that she worked as a part-time administrative assistant for the Board of Assessors since 1999. Stamp and the three-member board are responsible for determining the fair-market property valuations upon which real estate taxes are assessed.

During the past few months Stamp has worked to polish her formal credentials. She has joined the Massachusetts Assessors Association, has undertaken training and received certification. In addition, she notes, “I’ve had the advantage of working for three principal assessors and have learned from each.” She says, “I’m going to work hard and do my job. I feel blessed that I’ve been hired for this position.”

One of her first goals is to update the files of all properties in town. Accurate records are important for fairness, she believes. Also, uncovering new growth in property valuations, such as unrecorded home additions, has the potential to increase the town’s tax revenues.

As part of this process, Stamp would like to inspect the interior of homes to check for accumulated changes that might affect the property value. Examples include either deterioration in a building’s condition or improvements such as finished basements or attics. Stamp says, “I want to get into every house in town before 2010.” To begin with, she will visit homes which are for sale and having open houses, and may accompany the building inspector or fire department personnel on their routine inspections. She notes that homeowners do not have to grant her entry, but hopes they will cooperate.

Another goal is to hire and train a new administrative assistant. The 30-hour per week position is currently being advertised (see page 15).

Stamp plans to continue taking courses at Middlesex Community College, studying nights in the fall. She lives in Lowell with her family and says her busy schedule is possible because her children are getting older and more independent; her son just graduated from high school and her daughter will be a junior next year. ∆

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