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Friday, June 27, 2008

Selectmen declare lightning emergency

The Board of Selectmen, at the June 24 meeting, officially declared a recent lightning strike as an emergency under Chapter 44 Section 31 of the Massachusetts General Laws. The strike, which occurred on May 27 of this year, resulted in damage both at the Town Hall and at the Fire Station.

According to Town Clerk Charlene Hinton, she was on the telephone at the time of the strike. “When the lightning struck it knocked the phone out of my hand and threw me across the room.” Hinton was taken to the hospital and treated, but said that she is fine. The lightning also caused damage to the fire alarm system, some computers and a copy machine at Town Hall.

Damage totaled just under $20,000, and it was really for financial reasons that the emergency declaration was made. Since not all billing has been received for the repair work, the associated insurance reimbursement has not been received. Had the Selectmen chosen not to invoke the emergency declaration, the amount remaining unreimbursed at the end of this fiscal year would be treated as a deficit. ∆

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