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Friday, June 20, 2008

News from surrounding towns

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Stronger wireless signal along route 111 – Verizon added a new cell tower at Boxborough to boost both the speed and capacity of wireless data coverage along Route 111 and I-495 in Boxborough and surrounding areas. Verizon continues to expand the quality of service by investing in technology and infrastructure. Regionally the “company has invested nearly $2.2 billion into its New England network, including over $292 million in 2007 alone.” (“Verizon adds local tower,” May 6)

Low cost solar energy generation – 1366 Technologies, a Lexington based company which is a spin off from MIT, received accolades for the best start-up investing in low-cost solar energy generation. The company’s mission is to have the generation cost of the solar energy equivalent to the cost of coal-based electricity. The group has “secured $12.4 million in a first round of financing co-led by North Bridge Venture Partners and Polaris Venture Partners.” (“Tech group wins startup competition,” June 3)


Surging health care costs – Lexington has planned a series of meetings on the topic of reducing the cost of health care. Town manager Carl Valente has noted a consistent 10% increase related to health care costs during the last several years. (“Town huddles on health care costs,” June 13)

40B development in Concord awaits Acton’s support – Alexan Concord development is a new development that awaits approval from both Acton and Concord. Although all of the “350 housing units will be located in Concord, the main entrance point is off of Sudbury Road in Acton, meaning that the developers must seek a special permit from both towns.” A quarter of the units will qualify as affordable housing. While Concord has been largely supportive of the idea, Acton has been skeptical due to the impact on traffic and has elected to have its own traffic study done. (“Alexan hearing tonight,” June 12)

Raising awareness about stormwater – To reduce the amount of pollutants released to streams, wetlands, rivers and ponds, Sudbury is leading an educational campaign called “Stormwater Matters.” Residents are made knowledgeable about the effects of over-feeding their lawn, how carelessly discarded motor oil can reach the water table and effects of other basic household pollutants. The town plans to further strengthen its by-laws on stormwater regulations as it depends on the municipal wells for drinking water. (“Sudbury launches stormwater awareness campaign,” June 14)


Learn Chinese – The Acton Chinese Language School (ACLS) a non-profit organization is providing classes in Chinese language, traditions, and culture. The classes are conducted at R.J. Grey Junior High School on Sundays between 2 and 4:45 p.m. during the regular school year and are open to non-Chinese speaking school age children and adults. Detailed information of the programs can be referenced at (“School teaches Chinese,” June 6)

School lunch price increase – Lexington schools plans to increase the price of a school lunch by a quarter. If this is approved, the lunch will cost $3.50 in September. The raise was requested by the supplier Chartwells K-12 Dining Services, to offset the rising price of delivery and food. (“Bring another quarter to school if you want to eat,” June 13) ∆

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