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Friday, June 20, 2008

ZBA renews permits for post office, DeBenedictis daycare

The Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) unanimously approved the 10-year special permit for the continued operation of the Carlisle Post Office at 70 Bedford Road, originally issued to Bob Koning and D-Kon Realty Trust in August 1998. A condition of the original special permit was modified to accommodate the request of Koning, who appeared before the board along with newly appointed Postmaster Greg Lee. Koning asked that the special permit allow vehicles to remain overnight on the premises. Lee and Koning explained that originally employee cars were used to deliver the mail, however, due to safety issues and the town’s growth, mail trucks are now required to deliver the mail. Currently, four trucks are parked overnight in the back of the parking lot along the side of the building.

Abutter Jane White of 60 Bedford Road expressed concern that junk and abandoned cars would be allowed to be parked at the post office. She was also concerned that six trucks would make the area look industrial, thereby taking away from Carlisle’s quaintness. Lee responded that the number of trucks is proportional to the number of routes and the growth of Carlisle.

Abutter Jonathan White, also of 60 Bedford Road, said he had grown up in Carlisle center and that he had worked for the post office over the years. Currently, he plows the parking lot and takes care of the lawn. White recognizes that the post office is needed in town, but stated that the building has declined over the years and is concerned that the building may be owned by the post office in the future. He is also concerned with changes taking place that are not in the best interest of the building maintenance: the addition of vehicles, a large satellite dish off the back of the building and employees leaving things outside such as gas cans.

White said that overall the post office has been a good neighbor and runs a good operation. He further commented that during the past two years the rubbish disposal had changed from a local operation to the BFI Corporation. When the trucks come to pick up the rubbish, they blow their horn. Lee explained that this was necessary so the employees could move out the dumpster, but said that if it was an issue for abutters, they could make other arrangements so that the horn was not necessary.

Koning explained that as building owner, he had control of the building, not the grounds. Koning said that Lee was new to the position and had not been asked about the aforementioned issues. If abutters had complaints at any time, Koning added, they could go to the Building Inspector for resolution or assistance. Complaints could result in a review with a possible change of conditions by the Zoning Board of Appeals.

Daycare permit

Lillian DeBenedictis appeared before the ZBA asking that her special permit for a daycare at 54 Carleton Road be approved for another five years. She stated that she is licensed to care for 24 children and presently has 12 enrolled. Furthermore, DeBenedictis said that she has not received complaints concerning traffic to her property. ZBA member Shann Kerner said that since there were no issues, the special permit should be renewed with the same conditions. ZBA chair Ed Rolfe noted the many requirements of daycare operations were required under Mass. Law. Rolfe also thanked DeBenedictis for her continued service to the town as he was aware of the need in town for daycare providers. The ZBA unanimously granted Lillian DeBenedictis a special permit to continue her daycare operation.

In other business, Rolfe was unanimously re-appointed as ZBA chair for the coming year. ∆

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