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Friday, June 20, 2008

Board of Health shorts, June 10

• Officers. On June 10 the Board of Health (BOH) voted on positions for the coming fiscal year. They voted to keep Jeffrey Brem chairman and elect board member Chris Deignan vice-chair and Bill Risso clerk/treasurer.

• Consultant contract. The board voted to renew their technical consulting contract with Rob Frado. Frado will investigate subcontracting a backup service for when he is unavailable or overburdened.

• Water testing. Thirty-seven homeowners took advantage of the well water quality testing service organized by the town and conducted by Nashoba Analytical. Tests found two private wells positive for coliform, and one of the two positive for E. coli.

The town paid for pre- and post-filter water testing of about half a dozen center wells for volatile organics, including the contaminant MTBE (methyl-tertiary-butyl ether), a former gasoline additive that in the past was detected in a few center wells (see “Carlisle private wells contain more than just water . . .”, Mosquito, October 12, 2007). Results of the recent tests were sent to homeowners.

The water quality subcommittee will meet with Brem this week prior to their joint meeting on June 24.

• Coventry Woods wells. The board will ascertain whether the five aquifer wells on the site once proposed for the Coventry Woods development are abandoned. If so, landowner Pasquale Rotondo may be required to cap and lock the wells in accordance with town and state regulations.

• Staffing. The board is still pursuing an increase in the administrative assistant’s hours this month. Remaining funds budgeted to that position include $1200 from two months that position was unfilled.

• Budget. The board anticipates an FY08 budget surplus, and has a number of one-time programs they would like to initiate this month before the fiscal year ends on June 30. Ideas include board ID badges in case of emergency, medical kits, animal control kits, disposable boots for the animal control officer and a shelving unit for the office.

• 103 Meadowbrook Road. A homeowner requested advice from the board to resolve outstanding permit deficiencies for the barn she recently acquired from her husband. The board agreed she should follow the building inspector’s guidelines and check in with the board after capping incompliant water and sewage pipes.

• 24 Bingham Road. A well under the driveway was determined to be accessible.

• Mosquitoes. Brem expressed interest in exploring mosquito control methods, and Bill Risso suggested a proactive campaign against tick-borne Lyme disease.

• Summer recreation program. The board asked the Carlisle Summer Fun program run by the Recreation Department to test private pools for bacteria and try to meet all state requirements even though their program is not an official camp and therefore does not have to meet state recreational licensing requirements.

• At Old Home Day on June 28 the board will run a booth and cooling station for the heat. ∆

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