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Friday, June 20, 2008

Goddess of Liberty good as new

To the Editor:

I hope you have noticed that the rotary statue has been cleaned. Over one hundred years of moss, algae and debris from acid rain have been removed and the Goddess of Liberty now looks as good as new.

Mr. Ivan Myjer, the monument conservator, spent two days carefully brushing and bathing the statue with gentle cleaners that would not damage the statue or the Garden Club’s plantings, so that now she is nearly spotless.

I would like to thank Gary Davis and the Highway Department as well as the Carlisle Police Department for their extraordinary consideration and cooperation during this project. Gary Davis allowed Mr. Myjer to use the DPW water tank and generator which greatly simplified the process. The Police Department was able to coordinate the schedule in order to minimize the expenses for traffic safety. Without their help this task would not have been completed in such an efficient manner.

A lot of effort goes in to the maintenance of the rotary. The irrigation system is maintained at no expense to the town by Green Lawn of Chelmsford, water for irrigation is supplied from the well that serves the Coldwell Banker Building. The mulching is donated by Foster Landscape Company of Bolton. Carlisle is fortunate to have the services of so many generous people.

Jane Anderson
Carlisle Garden Club Civic Committee
Infinity Garden

To the Editor:

The First Religious Society in Carlisle undertook several big projects this year to help commemorate its 250th anniversary. One of the most ambitious was the creation of the Infinity Memorial Garden, a hidden sunken garden behind the church building. Although this new garden is not finished (what garden ever is?) it is a handicapped accessible place of tranquility and beauty. We invite the public to visit this young garden, and over time watch the trees, shrubs and perennials flower and grow.

The garden cannot be seen from the road. A visitor may approach from either School Street or Church Street. The garden is behind the church. Just keep walking until you pass the church building. You will probably be surprised by the vast size of the garden, that until you approach either the granite steps or descending path, is utterly hidden. Every tree shrub and perennial is a U.S. native plant, and as the garden will be maintained using organic methods, could be considered a “teaching” garden.

This garden has a main path in the shape of an infinity symbol. This symbol was chosen to evoke the past, the future and the endless cycle of life and death. Plans are underway to create engraved bricks or plaques for people to add the names of loved ones they wish to remember.

If you are interested in learning more about the Infinity Memorial Garden, or participating in its growth, please contact the Church Office at 1-978-369-5180 or or Alison Saylor 1-978-369-1809 or

Alison Saylor
Maple Street

Carlisle Democrats picnic tomorrow

To the Editor:

The Carlisle Democratic Town Committee invites everyone to our annual picnic tomorrow, Saturday, June 21, 4 to 7 p.m. at John and Ann Ballantine’s house, 268 Fiske Street. This popular annual event is a great opportunity for Carlisle Democrats, Independents, and friends to socialize and talk politics with other Carlisle folks in this amazing election year. We especially welcome all the new Democrats in town, our younger residents who flocked to Town Hall this year to register to vote for the first time, and the Republicans who changed their party affiliation so they could take a Democratic ballot in the primary election. Join us for a fun afternoon with our terrific elected officials, State Representative Cory Atkins and State Senator Susan Fargo, and your Carlisle neighbors and friends who are energized and tuned in to the passionate political debate this year more than ever. Rain date will be the following day, Sunday, June 22, 4 to 7 p.m. Call me at 978-369-8462 if you have a question about the weather. As always, children are welcome. We hope to see you tomorrow!

Susan Stamps
Cross Street

Ed. note: Stamps is chair of the Carlisle Democratic Town Committee]

Meet Ed O’Reilly on Saturday

To the Editor:

I would like to invite Carlisle residents to meet Ed O’Reilly this Saturday at the Carlisle Democratic Town Committee’s 4th Annual Picnic. Ed O’Reilly is a strong progressive Democrat who is tired of the inaction in Washington, especially with a presumed Democratic Party majority. He is running for the U.S. Senate, against John Kerry, and will be on the Democratic Primary ballot on September 16.

At the Massachusetts Democratic State Convention, held two weeks ago in Lowell, Ed O’Reilly received more than 22% of the delegate vote; even though he is still a relatively unknown candidate.

Ed is a strong supporter of the Massachusetts Democratic Party Platform, especially in several areas which John Kerry has either opposed or has ignored. These include: single-payer healthcare for all; an immediate start of withdrawal from Iraq; support of gay marriage rights; support of Cape Wind and “Not-for-Profit” Municipal “Alternative Energy” Power generation; impeachment of Cheney and Bush; and strong opposition to the power and influence of corporate lobbying.

Please come and meet a voice that could bring new life to our delegation in Washington. The Carlisle DTC Picnic will be held at the Ballantines’ residence at 268 Fiske Street, from 4 until 7 p.m. on Saturday, June 21.

Bob Wallhagen
Timothy Lane
Carlisle Coordinator for Ed O’Reilly’s Campaign

Thanks to the Concord-Carlisle Community Chest

To The Editor:

On behalf of the Carlisle Kids’ House family, I would like to thank the Concord-Carlisle Community Chest for their continued generous support of our programs. On June 12, 2008 we accepted our fifth consecutive grant from the Chest to aid us in our ability to offer well deserving families financial assistance. The children, families and entire Carlisle Kids’ House organization are lucky to have a relationship with such a strong and supportive organization in town that is committed to meeting the needs of the members in the community.

Should Carlisle Kids’ House be able to assist your family in any way over the summer or the fall, please contact us: 978-369-5558,

Karen Tang,
Director of School-Age Programs,
Carlisle Kids’ House

Carlisle COA thanks Community Chest

To the Editor:

The Carlisle Council on Aging (COA) recently received a generous grant from the Concord-Carlisle Community Chest. We are very grateful for their support again this year. This grant award enables us to pay for some of the salary of the licensed social worker who has become a very valuable asset to have on our COA team. His assistance has given us the continual guidance and experience of working with many issues families and seniors are facing on a day-to-day basis. The Concord-Carlisle Community Chest is one of the reasons we are able to give the quality of assistance that we do.

We will also be hosting two more congregate meals per month. Starting in September, we will be having a senior luncheon every week. This grant will enable us to add these new luncheons.

The grant also continues funding breakfast programs, our newsletter formatting, a very popular podiatry clinic, and a very successful intergenerational poetry program at the Carlisle School.

We are very grateful for all the efforts of fundraising that the Community Chest staff and volunteers do to raise funds for programs that benefit so many agencies in the two communities. We are very fortunate that this agency believes local community agency funding is a valuable tool in reaching out directly to the community members.

Kathy Mull
COA Director

How is Old Home Day being funded?

To the Editor:

We’ve had a few people ask us how we can need so much in donations to cover our expenses and yet we also fund scholarships.

Long ago, Old Home Day reached a point where it could no longer cover its costs and we began asking for help. This required OHD to officially register as a public charity. As such, it gives back to the community each year in the form of an educational scholarship that is funded by any money the committee has earned in excess of our needs. None of the money used for these educational grants comes from your donations. Scholarships are funded only by the proceeds from the OHD committee’s personal efforts that day at the dunking booth, the art show, the road races, the baking contests, the cakewalk and the ice cream social.

The Boy Scouts, the Library, the Firemen and vendors at the Country Fair all keep their proceeds for their needs. They, in turn, contribute a small portion to help offset our hosting support expenses that include providing facilities, booths, publications, mailings, supplies etc.

Details of how we are striving to overcome the challenges to the very existence of Old Home Day as we know it, can be found on our web site. We urge you to look this over and consider helping us as best you can by sending a contribution to Old Home Day at 90 Page Brook Road. There is only one week to go and we still desperately need your help to raise the nearly $10,000 required for expenses this year.

Thank you for your support.

Dave and Florence Reed

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