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Friday, June 13, 2008


On-duty dads wait at bus stops and school plaza

Kids always like to do special things with their dads. Maybe this weekend some dad is planning to take his kids on a grand adventure, perhaps hiking a challenging mountain or touring a Navy submarine. But the true heroes are those dads who do the mundane, everyday activities and get to know their kids in the process. Those repeated activities help make lasting ...more

On leaving CCHS – some reflections and advice

After four long years at CCHS, it was strange to realize that I will never again walk the halls as a student. While there is comfort in knowing that I can talk back to a teacher without getting a detention, there is a loss of comfort in feeling that I no longer belong at the school, or anywhere. In ten years, when I look back at my life, almost everything will ...more

Biodiversity Corner: Indian Cucumber Root

The lilies of the field have their famous spokesperson but the lilies of the woods are glorious too, although on a less Solomonesque scale. Some of the woodland members of the lily family – like Solomon’s Seal and false Solomon’s Seal – bear Solomon’s name, but today’s topic, the Indian Cucumber Root, has quite different connections. ...more

Making memories and spinning yarns: bringing a father’s memoir to life

About a year ago, my father-in-law, Edward Stevens, produced a manuscript of some 58 pages, containing his recollections of his career in his family business. ...more

Green Corner

James Hansen’s climate crisis message

Dr. James Hansen, one of the world’s leading climate scientists and director of NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies, gave a landmark speech in Lexington on Sunday, June 1, summarizing the scientific basis of the climate crisis. ...more

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