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Friday, June 13, 2008

Carlisle School undergoing Internet domain name change

The Carlisle Public School’s Internet domain name changed this week, providing a new Internet address for the school web site at:, and new school e-mail addresses for teachers and staff, in the form Although the domain name has been changed, messages sent to the old e-mail addresses will continue to work for a few months, although it would be a good idea to start using the new address now. If the old website address is typed in, it will be automatically redirected to the new web site.

The biggest problem that may arise for parents is that spam filters or junk mail filters on home computers may not allow e-mail with the new school address to come through to parents’ e-mail accounts. It is very important that parents check their junk mail folders to see if messages from the school are being dumped there. To avoid this problem, parents should add the addresses to their e-mail address books or tweak their junk mail rules or filter settings to allow any messages from “” to bypass junk mail filters.

Carlisle School Network Manager Carolynn Luby said, “Many schools across the country have this type of address,” referring to the “” “Since we own the domain it gives us a degree of independence. If we want to change [Internet] providers in the future, it will be much easier.” She explained that when the school’s web site and e-mail accounts were originally set up, the teacher who was in charge of technology at the time asked the school’s Internet provider, Merrimack Education Center (MEC), to take care of everything, hence the “” domain. Now that the school has dedicated technology support, it was decided to shift to the standard public school domain format.

Town Hall employees’ e-mail addresses will not change; neither will the Town’s web site. ∆

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