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Friday, June 13, 2008

CSC declines $4,700 for music program, accepts $26,000 in other donations

By a unanimous vote the Carlisle School Committee (CSC) on June 4 rejected the Krapf family’s offer of $4,698, which would have covered the new chorus and band fees for the next school year. Two stipulations had been attached to the acceptance of the donation: that the money be used only for band and chorus fees, and that the CSC rescind the fees for the 2008 – 2009 school year.

The $45 per student music fees were created by the CSC on May 16. When the proposal was discussed in April, Superintendent Marie Doyle indicated that the fee would cover the cost of sheet music and stipends for the teachers.

The offer of funds for the music program was initially discussed at the May 30 CSC meeting, when some on the committee expressed concern over the request to rescind a vote. “I really thought about this since our last meeting,” said CSC member Dale Ryder before the donation was declined. “I’d really like to express my gratitude for their very nice offer, but I find the second stipulation of rescinding the fee makes it impossible for me to vote positive on this. I’m very sorry about this.” CSC member Bill Fink said he felt the same way. No other discussion was held and the donation was declined.

Doucette donation accepted

The CSC accepted the Doucette family’s donation of $1,000. CSC Chair Chad Koski said, “I believe there were no stipulations attached?” Doyle confirmed that. She said suggestions for the donation include to “apply it to students who can’t afford fees so every student can participate in any club or field trip,” or to buy instruments for the music department. “In other words,” said Ryder, “we will find a good use for $1,000.”

CSA grants

The School Committee accepted grants from the Carlisle School Association (CSA) totalling $25,001. The grants will cover a variety of curriculum coordinator requests: Literary Specialist and English/Language Arts Curriculum Coordinator Susan LaPorte was granted $6,423 to purchase literature. Math Specialist and Curriculum Coordinator Liz Perry was granted $7,606 to purchase materials for the Everyday Math Program. Kindergarten teacher and Science Curriculum Coordinator Mimi Chandler was granted $5,066 for research books, equipment and textbooks. Librarian and Social Studies Curriculum Coordinator Sandy Kelly was granted $5,906 for resource materials. ∆

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