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Friday, June 13, 2008

Black bear sighted in state park

A Great Brook Farm State Park employee checking on trail maintenance on the Fern Loop Trail on June 3 found a small -to medium-sized black bear walking 50 to 60 feet ahead of him on the trail, heading toward Blueberry Hill. Louis Giordano said he grew up in northeast Pennsylvania and “knows about black bears,” so he and the bear just looked at each other and Giordano took “a nice slow walk” in the other direction. Another park employee saw a bear on Friday.

This is not the bear that made itself visible in Carlisle a few years ago; for one thing, it is much smaller, under 200 pounds, according to Giordano, and at the shoulder the height of a black Lab. It is a bear, however. Warnings about the attraction of bird feeders and leaving food around outside are as pertinent today as they were then. Residents should notify the police if the bear is sighted. There is a far greater possibility of damage to property than to people, but a confrontation is not recommended. ∆

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