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Friday, June 13, 2008

Another idea on the Flint Bridge

To the Editor:

Great letter from Jay Luby (June 6) about the Flint Bridge in Concord and the state’s preposterous two-year construction schedule for a bridge that is, what – 150 feet long? Jay, I have another idea: the news media. Contact Kevin Cullen and Yvonne Abraham at the Globe. Columnists love this stuff.

Then there’s television. We have such great visuals – to the right is the museum, over the hill is the Old North Bridge (comparisons, anyone?) – that this issue could be interesting to Channels 4, 5 and 7. Contact them one at a time, not all at once. Line up two or three articulate friends who are willing to talk to the camera if the producer wants to use them. Everybody should have a couple of 15-second sound bites ready, but don’t overprepare, stay loose. Dress should be casual but stylish; Talbots, Land’s End. It’s all about expectations. A little stumbling at the beginning will give you verisimilitude, and they can edit it out. They like to feel that they’re in control, so do what they say. Get the producer’s card and follow up to see when the station is going to run the segment. Be persistent, because if they decide not to (and stations run only a small fraction of what they film) you’ll need to contact another station and start over.

This kind of public embarrassment could give a big boost to the internal prodding that you recommend in your letter. Take a deep breath before you start, however: when you bring in the media, you mount a tiger. Do you ride? Good luck.

Roger Goulet

Westford Street

Further view of “Denied applicant”

To the Editor:

The 6 June Mosquito contains a letter “Denied applicant gets to have his cake” by Rhonda Sheffield that I would like to comment on.

I do not know Ms. Sheffield, or the “denied applicant” Mr. Therrien and I have no involvement with the Alternative Energy Subcommittee, beyond knowing three of its members.

First, the tone of the letter does not serve to improve the level of discourse in town. In recent years, I’ve seen an increase in this sort of negative language at committee meetings, on public mailing lists, in the Mosquito, and even at Town Meeting.

Second, asserting that the Selectmen “appeased” Mr. Therrien or “failed to ascertain if this was a true issue” seems to be strong and unwarranted language. To my mind, the fact that some abutters were concerned about the presence of a 130 foot tower implies that this issue is of interest to the town. The article in the March 7 Mosquito further affirms that there is considerable interest in alternative energy in Carlisle.

Third, Mr. Therrien is one of a number of involved citizens who are volunteering their time and expertise to make recommendations to the Planning Board, who retains the responsibility for drafting zoning bylaws. If a bylaw is brought to Town Meeting, it will then be up to a 2/3 majority of the town to decide if the bylaw is appropriate. All the meetings of the Alternative Energy Subcommittee and the Planning Board are public, posted at least 48 hours in advance and in my experience these committees value public participation.

Finally, an accusation of “conflict of interest” is a serious charge. While I am not a lawyer, my understanding of the MGL 268A – Conflict of Interest Law is that Mr. Therrien’s involvement is not per se illegal. Would it be better if windmill bylaws were written by people who knew nothing about windmills?

Alan Lehotsky

West Street

CCHS play a gem

To the Editor:

The last production of the CCHS drama department this year (always a Shakespeare play) was The Tempest. It was a completely entertaining 2 1/2 hours. Staged, spoken and acted of professional quality, there was lovely singing, costumes, acrobatics and transporting sound effects

Congratulations to all involved.

Nora O’Donnell

Canterbury Court

Thanks for “Pass It Forward” day

To the Editor:

With giving hearts and overflowing vans, Carlisle residents poured into the Transfer Station from 8:30 a.m. on to donate goods to all the charities Mary Zoll organized to collect on “Pass It Forward” day. Household Goods Recycling Ministry, Inc. (HGRM) parked its big truck to the left of the Swap Shed and volunteers worked all day to fill the truck twice and vans as well. Special thanks to JoAnn Driscoll for bringing the tent and working tirelessly along with Carol and John Foster, Sally Waite and HGRM volunteers Dave and Tom Sirois, Mark Sigman, and the most amazing Bobby Zink, who packed the truck and hauled furniture and household goods all day. Mary had special signs for other charities who collected cellphones for domestic violence victims, books for several places including Carlisle’s Old Home Day Library sale, art supplies, so many bags of clothes, and Roy Watson’s trailer was filled with toys and bikes for the Home for Little Wanderers. Mary’s garage will be overflowing for months as she sorts through the clothes that so many families delivered.

It was in the ’90s, and special thanks get sent to Steve who ran over to Ferns to buy quarts of liquid refreshments. Amy Fennick, the founder of “Pass It Forward” day in Carlisle, worked hard all day. Thanks, Amy, for creating this terrific event. To Gary Davis, Chris, Frank and all the other DPW guys, hats off to you all for pulling out those huge dumpsters and handling the amazing numbers of Carlisle residents who showed up to give to the needy. You are super.

It was our best “Pass It Forward” day in terms of quality and quantity of donated household goods and all 175 HGRM volunteers send their thanks to this town for their generosity. We invited many people to tour our warehouse at 530 Main Street in Acton.  We are helping 250 families a month. We need furniture movers, especially, and students can fulfill their community service requirement by volunteering. See for more details. We love this town and thank the Mosquito for the great PR that happened before the event. It was a glorious and most generous day.  See you at the OHD Pancake Breakfast!!

Jill Henderson

Sunset Road

OHD donations needed

To the Editor:

Only Two Weeks Left to Old Home Day but ..... While we have gotten most everything lined up for you, we are terribly short of donations to cover our expenses this year. The response to our town-wide mailing of the Old Home Day Citizen was positive but we are only half way to our goal. If we received $2 for every person in Carlisle we could make ends meet. Send what you can to: Old Home Day, 90 Page Brook Road.

Dave Reed

Page Brook Road

Cat food collection

To the Editor:

We are writing to thank and support Carlisle resident Lisa DeLong for her tireless efforts to support, spay, neuter and feed Carlisle’s population of about 20 homeless cats. The Carlisle Post Office maintains a collection box in the lobby for donations of canned and dry cat food. Please throw an extra bag or a few extra cans of cat food in your shopping cart. It’s an easy way to support Lisa’s hard work. Thank you.

Carlisle Post Office staff

Food collection thanks

To the Editor:

Carlisle residents Liz Bishop and Peg Gladstone had a fabulous idea for sharing with others. They held a combined tea for friends - and requested that each guest bring non-perishable food. They brought the results of their collection to the Food Pantry collection hamper, (maintained year-round in the Carlisle Post Office lobby). They had collected over 250 pounds of food in one afternoon! It is finally spring/summer-party and reception season. We encourage others to follow their example. What an easy way to share with others in a significant way. And the food collection hamper at the Post Office makes the donation convenient.

Congratulations again to Liz, Peg and their friends!

Greg Lee, Postmaster, Carlisle Post Office

Community Chest thank-you

To the Editor:

Thank you to the competitors and volunteers at the Community Chest’s 6th Annual Challenge held on June 1. The day was a big success in spite of difficult changes to the route and viewing areas. Thirty-two teams of six individuals competed in a biking, running and rowing competition, raising $26,000 for the Community Chest’s annual funding efforts to over 36 human service programs.

A special thank you to Tom Beardsley at the Old Manse, the South Bridge Boat House, the Concord Police, Sally Ann’s Food Shop, Dunkin’ Donuts on Thoreau Street, Jim Coutre our photographer and Pedal Power of Acton. I would also like to thank the corporate sponsors who also participated in the event: The Thoreau Club and Solidworks.

Astrid Williams

High Street, Concord

Executive Director

Sturtz family thanks town

To the Editor:

We would like to thank the Town of Carlisle and all our friends and neighbors who honored our father and grandfather and consoled us during a difficult time.

We feel very blessed to be living in such a caring town.

Andrew Sturtz

for the Sturtz Family

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