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Friday, June 13, 2008

SENIOR MOMENT. Graduation caps fly at the end of commencement exercises held at Concord-Carlisle Regional High School on Saturday, June 7. (Photo by Ellen Huber)

Black bear sighted in state park

A Great Brook Farm State Park employee checking on trail maintenance on the Fern Loop Trail on June 3 found a small -to medium-sized black bear walking 50 to 60 feet ahead of him on the trail, heading toward Blueberry Hill. Louis Giordano said he grew up in northeast Pennsylvania and “knows about black bears,” so he and the bear just looked at each other ...more

35-lot Hanover Hill subdivision approved

The Planning Board on June 9 approved what will be Carlisle’s “largest subdivision in a couple of decades,” according to Chair Michael Epstein. Two applications had been submitted by the developers of Hanover Hill to be built on Westford Street. The Planning Board voted to approve both the subdivision plan, with a list of waivers and conditions, as well ...more

Omnipoint wireless application picks up where it left off

Omnipoint returned to the Planning Board on June 9 to continue their application for a wireless facility at the First Religious Society. Outgoing Chair Michael Epstein noted it had been three months since the company had been to the board and questioned the delay. Brian Grossman of Prince, Lobel, Glovsky, and Tye, representing Omnipoint, said the company had ...more

On-duty dads wait at bus stops and school plaza

Kids always like to do special things with their dads. Maybe this weekend some dad is planning to take his kids on a grand adventure, perhaps hiking a challenging mountain or touring a Navy submarine. But the true heroes are those dads who do the mundane, everyday activities and get to know their kids in the process. Those repeated activities help make lasting ...more

Trails Committee receives grant for repair of Greenough bridge

Recent vandalism to the Greenough footbridge has made it virtually impassable, thereby making repairs there a priority. And while vandalism complicates the efforts of the Trails Committee and supporting volunteers in town, caught vandals may end up working on the trail network through the community service component required by the Restorative Justice Program. ...more

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