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Friday, June 6, 2008


Carlisle-based Hands On responds to disasters

From his home office on River Road overlooking the Concord River, David Campbell runs his non-profit organization called Hands On Disaster Response (HODR). Parked nearby is a mobile rescue vehicle, a retired ambulance painted with the HODR logo and web site address that serves as the “Mobile command unit #4” for domestic rescue missions. HODR is a volunteer, ...more

The Infinity Memorial Garden takes shape at First Religious Society

For over ten years the Buildings and Grounds Committee at the First Religious Society had talked about making a memorial garden in the sunken tree-and-debris-filled area behind the church. “One day this will make a terrific site for a garden.” Silence, then change of subject... ...more

Biodiversity Corner: Copper Underwing Caterpillar

by Kay Fairweather ...more

CCHS Orchestra succeeds at Disney Festival

Under the direction of conductor Scott Knopf, the Concord-Carlisle High School Orchestra took part in Festival Disney this past April in Orlando, Florida. The festival created a positive – and very challenging – atmosphere for orchestra members. Along with CCHS, more than 20 other musical groups from many states were judged and critiqued in this event. ...more

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