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Friday, June 6, 2008

News from surrounding towns

 Acton school snacks. The current policy in Acton schools supports bringing treats like cup cakes to classrooms to celebrate birthdays and other occasions. But a petition has been raised against this policy. The petitioners argue that allowing these types of foods could trigger dangerous exposure to kids with allergies and juvenile diabetes. The school decided to rethink the policy by creating a small working group which would include representatives from all schools – nurses, parents, teachers and administrators. This subcommittee expects to publish their report in June. Any changes to the current wellness policy will be implemented by next school year. (“School board to study wellness policy,”May 19)

Traffic in Concord. The Route 2 rotary has long been a source of traffic congestion with several lanes of traffic from Concord and Acton flowing into it. On June 3, a public forum was held on three options for a planned reconstruction project. These options were drafted through an earlier feasibility study by MassHighway. All three options share the common concept of reconstructing Route 2 with Commonwealth Avenue and Route 2A connected through “an overpass of Route 2.” (“Residents invited to discuss plans for rotary,” May 28)

Bedford 40B. Ruping Brothers Inc, the builders of 164 garden-style one, two and three-bedroom apartments complex called Heritage at Bedford Springs north of the Bedford Glen Hotel, received the 2007 Silver Prism Award as the Best Rental Community from the Builders Association of Greater Boston. The chairwoman of the Board of Selectmen, Cathy Cordes, appreciated the layout of this 40B development, which has added to the affordable housing in Bedford. The town fast-tracked the permit process, allowing the Heritage at Bedford project to be completed in under two years. (“Rental award given to town,” May 14)

Mass transit. The effects of increased gas prices have influenced more people to take the train into Boston. The south Acton train stop is crowded and parking is becoming increasingly hard to find – those available are filled up very early in the morning. Acton officials are working on a proposal to add a shuttle bus that would ease the strain on commuters trying to get to/from the train station. (“Some take to train amid rising gas prices,” May 7)


From Carlisle to Concord. Carlisle residents Jeff and Marty Blue opened their family business in Concord in April; the store is called the Blue Dry Goods and specializes in men’s clothing. (“No blues about menswear,” April 10)

Nanotechnology in Lexington. Lexington became the new home of a nanotechnology company called the Raindance Technologies, Inc, which is focused on creating new laboratory systems with precise manipulation of minute amounts of fluids for a variety of industrial and research applications. Relocating from Connecticut, the company plans to recruit 30 skilled employees which would include “biologists and chemists, mechanical engineers and technicians, software programmers, customer service representatives, and administrative support” in the coming months, with a vision of having 65 employee by the end of year. (“Life science Company to locate here,” May 21)

Police and Fire

Emergency response. Bedford’s Acting Fire Department Chief Dave Grunes has spearheaded an effort to create a low-power, 10-watt AM local radio station to be used to keep the public informed of any emergency situations such as power outages or bad weather. In addition, Grunes notes that the radio station could be used for posting informational updates on upcoming road constructions, detours and other events happening around town. The plan is to have this station fully operational by the end of this summer. (“Fire Dept. plans AM radio station,” May 28)

Theft pattern. Lexington Police brought to the attention of its residents a repeated pattern adopted by thieves to enter houses in Lexington and in surrounding towns – they are using the garage openers left in the unlocked cars parked outside. They cautioned the residents to be careful and avoid creating easy opportunities for these types of crimes. (“Thieves’ new tools: garage door openers,” May 1) ∆

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