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Friday, June 6, 2008

One neighborhood network gathers for emergency readiness


Neighborhood network contact Mary Zoll (standing) explains the Board of Health initiative for emergency preparedness to her neighbors at a picnic on Sunday. (Photo by Alan Cameron)

Mary Zoll organized the first (or one of the first) Neighborhood Network meeting of a designated neighborhood on Sunday, May 31, at the home of the Camerons on School Street. The Carlisle Board of Health has urged Carlisleans to group themselves into defined neighborhoods as part of the town, and national, efforts to prepare and cope with an area-wide emergency. Zoll designated households on School Street, from the center to Poole swamp, and Baldwin Road (from School Street to Stearns) as a “neighborhood.”

A potluck picnic provided the venue for getting to know the neighbors and for the distribution of emergency contact forms to fill out and flyers explaining this initiative. The effort is focusing on gathering information about resources available within the neighborhood in case of an emergency. The group was also given advice on items to have on reserve and meeting places to be designated in case of emergency.

The Neighborhood Network contact and alternate contact are designated to act as communications liaisons with town officials and emergency personnel in case of an actual emergency.

The Board of Health encourages other townspeople to come forward and form networks in their neighborhoods. ∆

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