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Friday, May 30, 2008

Six developers show interest in Benfield project

The Carlisle Housing Authority held a public information session on May 22 to explain the town’s proposal to construct 26 units of affordable senior housing on the Benfield property, in preparation for issuing a formal Request for Proposals (RFP). Six developers came to the meeting and Administrative Coordinator Elizabeth Barnett said later that more developers ...more

Carlisle Animal Hospital closing after 40 years

Carlisle Animal Hospital, the town’s only veterinary clinic, is closing its doors as of June 6, according to interim manager Karen LaPierre. The business is owned by VCA Antech Inc., which has over 400 animal hospitals nationwide. Regional Manager Ray Heidenheim said that reasons for the closure included the economy and a “great difficulty in hiring doctors” ...more

CSC wary of donation to music program “with strings”

by Cynthia Sorn

An offer by Carlisle parents Julia and Alex Krapf to donate $4,698 to cover the new $45 fee imposed on evening ban

d and chorus members caused much discussion at the May 21 Carlisle School Committee (CSC) meeting. Whether or not to accept the donation led to a review of accepting funds with stipulations. ...more


ConsCom weighs options for Fiske Street parcel

On May 22 the Conservation Commission (ConsCom) focused on a number of lingering issues regarding John Ballantine’s proposal to construct a second single family house on a ten-acre parcel at 268 Fiske Street abutting the Cranberry Bog. Commissioner Tricia Smith reiterated her concern about the unprecedented proximity of the driveway, house, garage, and utilities ...more

Shorts from the ConsCom, May 22

The Cranberry Bog Conservation Land was the focus of three separate items on the Conservation Commission’s agenda. These occupied most of the evening. ...more

CCHS parents learn about social program called Challenge Day

What is Challenge Day? Under the leadership of physics teacher Brian Miller and a committee of students, for the second year Concord-Carlisle Regional High School (CCHS) has reserved a school day for teachers, students, and parents to share experiences, build community, and “be the change you wish to see in the world.” Attendees at the CCHS Parents Association ...more

Board of Health shorts, May 20

Town Center wastewater. The board at their last meeting formed a working group to investigate turning the Carlisle School wastewater treatment plant into a shared facility for town-owned buildings in the center. The working group includes board members Chris Deignan, Jeff Brem and Bill Risso. They aim to protect ...more

CSC members work with town and school committees

Being a member of the Carlisle School Committee (CSC) requires a substantial time commitment. The committee, which usually meets on Wednesdays twice a month, is comprised of five members who, in addition to their duties as the supervisors of Superintendent Marie Doyle, and decision-makers regarding school policies, also serve on several additional committees ...more

Shorts from the CSC May 21

• Donation. Superintendent Marie Doyle reported Carlisle parents Tom and Kari Doucette have donated $1,000 to “use as the school sees fit.” The committee will vote on the donation and discuss where to apply the funds at the June 4 meeting. ...more

CTA offers correction on contract negotion:

In last week’s article, “Carlisle School Committee welcomes new members” School Committee Chair Chad Koski was quoted as saying that the teachers’ union hires an attorney to help with contract negotiations. According to Carlisle Teachers Association President Mike Miller, the teachers negotiate by themselves. At the end, they send the contract to the ...more

Carlisle School nurses dispense more than Band-Aids

“Over the last decade the scope of school nursing has changed dramatically,” School Nurse Kathy Horan explained at the May 21 Carlisle School Committee (CSC) meeting. Horan and School Nurse Lori Desjardin presented the school health office manual, which was recently updated to reflect the Massachusetts Department of Public Health revised edition of the ...more

Three summer camps share Carlisle School campus

Three different camp options will be available this summer, all located on the Carlisle School campus. At a time when expenses are rising and transportation is costly, attending an “in-town” camp may be just what the budget needs. ...more

Nature clogs West Street rush hour

From the Lowell Sun’s coverage on Wednesday, May 28, of the powerful storm that ravaged the northwest Boston area on Tuesday afternoon, you would suspect the only inconvenience in Carlisle was to the Concord Academy school buses that had to be rerouted. Unnoted by the Sun, a white pine had come down around 3:30 p.m., across the street from the 123 West Street ...more

Lightning strikes twice in Carlisle

With a gib, bright flash, lightning struck between the fire station and the Town Hall late Tuesday afternoon. The strike knocked out substantial parts of the communication system at the fire station, including the VHF radio, the telephone and the municipal fire alarm system. Everything was up and running by the next day, according to Fire Chief David Flannery. ...more

CCHS supports teens facing emotional difficulties by Cecile Sandwen

What is being done to sustain the ...more

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