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Friday, May 30, 2008

Lightning strikes twice in Carlisle

With a gib, bright flash, lightning struck between the fire station and the Town Hall late Tuesday afternoon. The strike knocked out substantial parts of the communication system at the fire station, including the VHF radio, the telephone and the municipal fire alarm system. Everything was up and running by the next day, according to Fire Chief David Flannery. There was neither smoke nor flames, and no one was injured at the fire station, although staff on duty said they sensed the energy of the strike.

The force of the strike was also felt next door at Town Hall. No damage was done to the building, but Town Clerk Charlene Hinton, who was on the phone in her office when the lightning occurred, said she “felt like she was hit in the head with a bat.” Hinton said she was taken to the hospital and released later that afternoon after tests showed no damage.

Lightning also struck at 149 Russell Street without visible damage. Neither smoke nor fire was seen. Police Chief John Sullivan said that several fire alarms were triggered by the storm and added that alarms malfunction frequently during electrical storms. ∆

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