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Friday, May 30, 2008

Shorts from the CSC May 21

• Donation. Superintendent Marie Doyle reported Carlisle parents Tom and Kari Doucette have donated $1,000 to “use as the school sees fit.” The committee will vote on the donation and discuss where to apply the funds at the June 4 meeting.

Fuel prices. Carlisle School Business Manager Heidi Zimmerman said she is getting price quotes for gas prices, and would like to “lock in” the prices through a three-year contract. She said she is seeing an increase of at least $25,000 for fuel for the next three years. The board discussed whether to lock in the prices for three years based on the current prices, or for one year, hoping the prices would decrease. She said other business managers are waiting to see where the prices go in the next few months. She will watch the prices and report back to the committee. She said the school spent less on energy costs than was budgeted for this year due to savings from the new heating system. Salemy noted he was impressed by Zimmerman’s work.∆

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