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Friday, May 30, 2008

CSC members work with town and school committees

Being a member of the Carlisle School Committee (CSC) requires a substantial time commitment. The committee, which usually meets on Wednesdays twice a month, is comprised of five members who, in addition to their duties as the supervisors of Superintendent Marie Doyle, and decision-makers regarding school policies, also serve on several additional committees that relate in some way to the operation of the school. With the retirement of long-time members Nicole Burkel and Michael Fitzgerald, new committee assignments were made at the May 21 CSC meeting.

School Building Committee

New CSC member Bill Fink expressed interest in serving on the School Building Committee (SBC). The committee consists of representatives from a variety of town boards and town residents. It is in charge of advising on school building projects, including the recent plans to replace the Spalding Building. CSC member Wendell Sykes serves on the SBC and explained that the Selectmen appoint members to the SBC.


Fink also offered to serve on the school’s Technology Committee, which includes teachers, school administrators, parents, and town residents. The committee assists in developing and revising the school’s long-range technology acquisition plan.


School Committee member Dale Ryder will serve on the Concord-Carlisle Regional School Committee (RSC), along with new member Louis Salemy. The RSC meets on Tuesdays, twice a month. It includes school committee members from both Concord and Carlisle and oversees the operation of the Concord-Carlisle Regional High School.

Strategic Planning

Ryder will also continue to serve on the school’s Strategic Planning Committee. Originally, this committee was formed based on a recommendation by former CSC Chair David Dockterman after Doyle’s 2006 performance review. In the review he suggested she have assistance to “clarify directions, roles and responsibilities, and align the team around a vision.” To assist the transition of three new administrators, Lyle Kirtman of Future Management Systems was hired to facilitate the Strategic Planning Committee’s work; however he left early in 2007 before the committee was formed. The current facilitator hired by the school, John Littleford of Littleford and Associates, who began in August of 2007, is not a part of the current strategic planning process. The Strategic Planning Committee, which began in 2007, consists of school employees and town residents and has met a number of times. Work completed includes updating the school’s vision and mission statement, and core values.


Ryder will also continue to represent the CSC on the Highland Building Study Committee. The Highland Building sits at the top of a hill next to the Robbins Building on the Carlisle School campus. It was one hundred years old in December 2008 and was considered highly modern for school buildings in 1908. But in recent years the building, which was rented to Emerson Umbrella for artists’ studios, has needed significant repair. The CSC then voted that the building should not be used for educational purposes. The Selectmen formed the Highland Committee to “conduct a thorough study of all possible dispositions of the Highland Building” by gathering information about the building and its possible uses.


In addition to the Carlisle School Building Committee, Sykes will continue to represent the school committee on the town’s Long-Term Capital Requirements Committee (LTRC). The LTRC collects requests for major capital purchases from town departments and organizes them on a priority schedule. This year the school was slated to receive $80,000 in LTRC funds to support technology; however the LTRC allowed the school to use the funds to retain teaching personnel instead. ∆

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