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Friday, May 30, 2008

Nock says thank-you

To the Editor:

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate John and Bill in their re-election as Selectmen and to thank those who encouraged and supported me in my run for Selectwoman. The town is in very good hands with John and Bill and I appreciate the civility and goodwill that they presented to me. It is very heartening to see so many candidates come out to run. Our democratic government is stronger and healthier for it. Thank you to the League of Women Voters who conducted another terrific candidate’s forum and to the Mosquito staff who covered the candidates well (as always!). Carlisle is a wonderful place to live especially when you take advantage of the many volunteer opportunities it offers.

Cindy Nock

Canterbury Court

“Common sense concerns”

To the Editor:

Contrary to what was written last week in these pages, there are no published studies to be found on the effects of residential wind turbines on adjoining property values. There are a few studies of commercial wind farms that show a lack of negative effect. Because there are no available studies on residential turbines we are left with using common sense to anticipate outcomes.

There are significant differences between typical commercial wind farms and the turbine that Mr. Therrien attempted to erect earlier this year: commercial wind farms are separated from residences by large distances – typically miles. This distance mitigates noise effects and any potential danger to person or property. Commercial wind farms typically employ a graceful monopole construction as opposed to steel lattice. The benefits and burdens of commercial wind farms are widely distributed. Mr. Therrien attempted to build what would have been one of the tallest structures in the entire town of Carlisle, 60 feet from his neighbor’s property line. This hundred-foot, steel lattice tower (think oil derrick or TV transmission tower), with a thirty-foot diameter turbine at the top would have benefitted one individual while the burdens would have fallen disproportionately on his immediate neighbors. It should be noted that existing bylaws concerning personal wireless facilities (cell towers) explicitly ban lattice tower construction. They also specify that towers can be no closer to property lines than one and a half times their height. These same restrictions should apply to wind turbines.

There might be some people who think that a hundred plus foot steel lattice tower in their backyard would positively affect their property’s value. I would submit that the typical Carlisle resident would not be of this opinion. Any new bylaw regarding wind turbines should reflect these common sense concerns.

Paul DiCristina

Heald Road

Thanks for successful book fair

To the Editor:

Thank you to all who supported the Carlisle School Association Annual Book Fair. From the many volunteers who worked tirelessly, to the patrons who purchased books, we could not do it without your efforts. A special thanks goes to the CSA for providing Cultural Enrichment funds to host guest author and illustrator David Biedrzycki who gave a wonderful presentation to many students. The proceeds of the book fair are used to expand the school library collection. Again, we thank the Carlisle community for your ongoing support.

Shelley Walton, Highwoods Lane

CSA Book Fair, Chair

Sandy Kelly

Carlisle School Library Teacher

Atkins highlights goals

To the Editor:

The campaign season is upon us. 

I have agreed to debate my opponent and am delighted for the opportunity to provide voters with a side-by-side comparison about what each of us has done over the last decade for the people of the 14th Middlesex District and our visions for the future.

As many of you know, it has been an extremely difficult year.  The state is facing the same financial challenges as are many of you. I am happy to report that even during these difficult financial times, we in the Legislature have been still able to address my highest priority: increasing funding in local aid and funding for our schools. Equally important is the fact that each of the communities in the 14th Middlesex District will be receiving school building assistance funding. Hopefully, this will take some pressure off of local property taxes.

Preparing our students for future success in an ever-changing arena of a global economy is one of my greatest concerns. As House Chair of the Science and Technology Caucus, I am presently in the process of bringing together over 250 stakeholders to develop a plan to increase the number of students majoring in science, technology, engineering, and math subjects for a major STEM Summit to take place in October. 

In addition, as many of you know, one of my passions has been volunteering for the NEADS program that is run out of the Northeast Correction Facility in Concord. I work with NEADS and a prison inmate to train a dog for the disabled. I am also planning a major event to raise funds for a program called Canines for Combat that provides women and men veterans who are amputees with service dogs to insure a better quality of life for those who sacrificed so much on all our behalves. If any of you are interested seeing the magic of the dogs working with the veterans, please contact my office.

These are just a few of the initiatives I am working on. As always, please do not hesitate to contact my office at any time. 

Cory Atkins

State Representative

14th Middlesex District

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