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Friday, May 30, 2008

Has the increase in gas prices changed your lifestyle?

With gas prices pushing – and in some places reaching – the $4 mark, some people are rethinking their transportation choices. The Mosquito asked Carlisleans at Town Hall after the Town Election on May 13 whether they were experiencing any changes in their way of life.

“Now I think about it a bit more. I have not changed my driving habits, and I haven’t given up my gas guzzler, but I certainly think about it a bit more.”

Liz Bishop
Kimball Road

“I’m in the aviation business. With $125 a barrel for oil, we’ve seen many of our customers go bankrupt. It’s creating havoc in the aviation industry. It’s not only filling up your own gas task, but it has consequences throughout a whole bunch of other industries.”


“We’re a little more careful about where we go. We’re retired.”

Marcella Shepherd
Craigie Circle


“Absolutely. I work from home more often, because I work in Framingham and the commute is just too far. We have a place in New Hampshire, and I’m thinking of working up there one week and one week here instead of going there every weekend.”

“We actually just bought a new car, and we were really thinking about it before we did buy it. We’re a family of six so we need a large car. We had two large cars. We’ve gone down to one large car. On the weekends, running errands, I take the smaller car instead of my big car. I just think that we’ve made a lot of decisions for the near feature – planning where we’re going to be going and what kind of car we’re going to take.”

Casey Smith
Lowell Street


“A little bit, but not much because you still need to drive to work and do whatever you need to do. Maybe you think about driving long distances a little more than before.”



“I am driving less, and I’ve changed my job to have less of a commute.”

Amy Jolly



“It hasn’t. I have a company [florist] and we do a lot of deliveries. We have seven trucks, and the stuff has got to go. We try to do a little better job managing the deliveries – being a little more conservative on where we go and how we go.”


“I try putting more errands on the same trip.”

Don Rober
Rutland Street



“I moved from Ireland to the States, and we’re still not paying what I paid in Ireland, so for me, it’s surprising that it hasn’t been this high in the States before. But I can see the impact -– I think it was $1.19 when I moved here 13 years ago, so it’s significant. We’re in a fortunate position that it hasn’t hindered us doing other things, but I do think it’s impacting a lot of people very adversely, and I feel sorry for people in that situation.”


“I pay attention more to how much I’m driving.”

Michael Fitzgerald
Autumn Lane


“It really hasn’t. I’ve a short commute, so right now it hasn’t, but vacation plans may change in the summer. We may do less driving; we may do shorter vacation routes than we usually do.”



Photo of Michael Fitzgerald by Rik Pierce
All other photos by Anne Marie Brako

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