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Friday, May 23, 2008


Lieutenant Colonel Jeffrey R. Stutz to speak on Memorial Day

Carlisle will hold its traditional Memorial Day Observances on Monday, May 26, beginning at 9:30 a.m. on the Common with the raising of the flag to half-staff by the Colonial Minutemen. There will be a convocation in Corey Auditorium at 10 a.m. ...more

Neighborhood networks and emergency planning – then and now

How many people remember “Y2K” when people feared computer systems would grind to a halt as the year changed to 2000? The problem was that older software that stored dates using only two digits would be confused when “99” changed to “00.” In spite of efforts to upgrade software, some worried that critical systems like power supplies or financial ...more

Alternative energy panel powers Mosquito meeting

Board President Jay Luby led a brief business meeting of the Mosquito’s parent company, Carlisle Communications, Inc. (CCI) on Thursday night in Union Hall before about 35 people, and then introduced the main event: a panel on alternative energy systems designed to give the public a primer on geothermal, solar and wind technologies ... more

Spring bird walk finds Scarlet Tanagers plentiful, but few other migrants

Seventeen birders turned out for the 37th annual Spring Bird Walk on the Towle Conservation Land Sunday morning May 18. It was a fine, bright morning, with pleasant temperatures and fewer than usual mosquitoes. Although migrants were scarce, some of the resident species put on a good show, starting with a brilliant male Scarlet Tanager along the path by the ...more

Biodiversity Corner: Interrupted Fern

The Interrupted Fern is easily identified by the dark spore cases which appear conspicuously about halfway up the fertile fronds. Unlike many ferns which need a lot of study to determine which they are, this fern seems to shout “I am interrupted.” ...more

Carlisle Comments

“What is the best thing about your school year?” I casually asked my younger daughter, Namita. She looked at me with a smile and said, “Everything,” making me realize it takes every aspect of the school and town to help a child thoroughly enjoy a school year. ...more

2008 Honored Citizen nominations due June 15

Nominations for Carlisle’s honored citizen award are being accepted by the celebrations committee. The deadline for nominations is Friday, June 15. Please fill out the coupon provided, or send a letter to either Scott Evans or Judy Larson. You may also hand deliver to Scott or Judy. ...more

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