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Friday, May 23, 2008


2008 Honored Citizen nominations due June 15

Nominations for Carlisle’s honored citizen award are being accepted by the celebrations committee. The deadline for nominations is Friday, June 15. Please fill out the coupon provided, or send a letter to either Scott Evans or Judy Larson. You may also hand deliver to Scott or Judy.

The award will be presented at 9:30 a.m. on Old Home Day during a special ceremony by the flagpole. Previous recipients are:

1971 Esther S. Wilson

1973 Phyllis Towle and Oscar


1974 Edmund L. French

1975 Waldo D. Wilson

1976 Oscar Pederson (posthumously)

1977 Andrew L. Brown

1978 Guy W. Clark and

Michelle Ann & Andrew P. Toth

1979 Ruth Wilkins

1980 Jay Fisk

1981 Calixte C. Adrian

1982 Edna S. Sleeper 1984 Lawrence N. Blanchard 1985 Mary G. Diment 1986 Howard E. Hensleigh and Judy Larson

1987 Adalbert E. Benfield

1988 Father James Byrne (posthumously)

and Alford S. Peckham

198 9 Hope Anderegg (posthumously)

1990 Charles M Evans

1991 Phyllis Hughes

1992 Anna P. Johnson

1993 James A. Barron

1994 Lawrence O. Sorli

1995 Lois Surgenor

1996 Harold S. Sauer

1997 David Flannery

1998 Rachel P. Elliott

1999 Ken and Marilyn Harte

2000 Kate and Pete Simonds

2002 Robert J. Koning

2003 Jim Davis (posthumously)

2004 Sarah Andreassen & Vivian Chaput (posthumously)

2005 Lee Milliken (posthumously) and Art Milliken

2006 Newel and Donna Cantrill

2007 Harriet Fortier

NOMINATION CRITERIA: Those persons who have given of themselves unselfishly to make our lives richer and Carlisle a place to call home, proudly. No past recipient or town employee is eligible.

I would like to nominate:_____________________________________

For the following reasons:

Signature (optional): _______________________________________

This nomination will be treated confidentially by the committee. Nominations must be in Scott’s or Judy’s hands by Friday, June 12.

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