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Friday, May 16, 2008


Surveying Carlisle's historic properties

If you happen to see two middle-aged women snapping pictures on your street, don’t call the police. They are Anne Forbes and Gretchen Schuler, preservation planning consultants, efficiently surveying historic properties in the town. ...more

Last in a line, firefighter Dave Duren leaves with 45 years of memories

Dave Duren welcomes me to his workroom in a converted garage. “This is where I spend most of my time,” he says. Duren recently retired from the Carlisle Fire Department after 45 years. As we peruse a collection of awards and memorabilia from his days as a firefighter, provider of car-towing for the police and owner of Carlisle Repair, Duren recalls a time ...more

Firefighter Rob West retires after 12 years

When he took his young nephew to see the fire trucks in May 1996, Rob West didn’t know he was embarking on a new chapter in life. “I was a truck driver, tool and die maker, and machinist. Those were highly desirable traits” and soon West was lobbied to join the Carlisle Fire Department. He chuckles, “Things worked out well over the years. I enjoyed ...more

Exhibit celebrates 250th year of town’s Meeting House

A gift of land by Carlisle resident Timothy Wilkins in 1758 enabled his fellow residents of the district of Carlisle (founded in 1751) to build their own Meeting House “for the Public worship of God and other public uses.” It became known as the First Religious Society (FRS), and it enabled residents who had previously traveled to Concord to attend church ...more

The Tempest works its magic at CCHS

The soothing sound of undulating waves can be heard in the background. All is quiet as the rocks shimmer with blue light, and not a soul can be seen on the whole island. ...more

Biodiversity Corner: Fuzzy Foot mushrooms

Name. Fuzzy Foot mushrooms are classified as Xeromphalina campanella. The root xer- means dry, omphal means navel or umbilicus, and the suffix -ina means small, so the genus name suggests a small, dry navel. Campan means bell and the suffix -ella is another way to indicate small, so altogether we have a little bell with a little dry navel – and not to forget ...more

What’s in your carbon footprint?

Communities across Massachusetts are taking on the challenge of reducing carbon emissions through a program known as Low Carbon Living (LoCaL). ...more

What you should know about Lyme disease in dogs dogs

Lyme disease is caused by a spirochete bacteria called Borrelia burgdorferi which is transmitted by the bite of the deer tick, Ixodes scapularis. The deer tick lives on several different species throughout its life cycle, including the white-footed mouse and the white-tailed deer. Both larval and nymphal forms of the ticks (which are roughly the size of a sesame ...more

CCHS receives local grants

The Concord-Carlisle Regional High School (CCHS) has recently been awarded grants by two area organizations: the Concord Education Fund and the CCHS Parents Association. ...more

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