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Friday, May 16, 2008

Planning Board shorts, May 12

• Hanover Hill Subdivision. At the continued public hearing on the Hanover Hill subdivision, the board granted Common Driveway Special Permits for the five common driveways within the 35 lot, 167.31 acre subdivision.

Representing Wilkins Hill Realty, LLC, Rob West and Grant Wilson chafed at “the loss of prime construction time this season.” Associate member David Freedman justified the amount of time that the review process has taken because of the scope of the project and the number of issues that were involved.

The public hearing will be continued on June 9 at 7:45 p.m. All involved expect approval of the subdivision at this meeting with several waivers from the board’s Rules and Regulations Governing the Subdivision of Land. Many of the waivers stem from attempts to minimize disruption of existing vegetation, particularly near wetlands and a potential vernal pool area.

• 268 Fiske Street (Map 30, Parcel 11). Engineer George Dimakarakos and applicant John Ballantine presented revised plans for the proposed common driveway to serve two lots. As initially proposed, the common portion was approximately 265 feet long. In response to Conservation Commission concerns about proximity of the private portion of the new driveway to wetlands (see article at left), the common portion of the driveway has been increased to 351 feet. The Planning Board granted the common driveway Special Permit and will continue the public hearing on June 9 at 7:30 p.m. for a final review of “conditions and findings” for the special permit.

• Accessory Apartment Special Permit. Mollie MacCormack, the resident owner of the house to be constructed on Lot 4A-1 Cross Street (Map 7, Parcel 21) was granted an Accessory Apartment Special Permit. The board determined that the proposed building meets all requirements of Section 5.6.5 of the Town of Carlisle Zoning Bylaws for this special permit. The bylaw limits such permits to 75 for the town. This is the fourteenth issued by the board.

• Associate Member. Having decided not to run for reelection, board member Kent Gonzales has agreed to remain as an associate member and to continue with the Wireless Subcommittee. ∆

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