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Friday, May 9, 2008


You never stop learning from your mother

File this under “Things they never told you:” there is always something new your mother can teach you, even when she is no longer around. When my mother passed away 35 years ago, I thought certain doors were irrevocably closed to me: I would never get to know her better, as an adult and a mother, and she would not be there to give me any guidance. I could ...more

Sweet Autumn Farm is green all year ’round

A former horse farm on Prospect Street will soon have a whole new look. Sweet Autumn Farm, owned by Katharine Endicott and Leslie Thomas, is being reinvented for sustainable farming and low energy consumption. A new house is rising on the site using low-waste building practices and environmentally friendly materials. It has been awarded preliminary Leadership ...more

Great plants for Carlisle

When you are new to gardening in Carlisle, it’s easy to be enticed by what is new, special, and in bloom at the garden centers. Too often, this means investing way too much in fussy, pest-loving perennials good for at most one or two years. ...more

Biodiversity Corner : Henbit

What’s in a name? A long time ago I read that “that which we call a rose by any other name is just as likely to be scratched up by the hens.” The henbit, on the other hand, is named because it was thought to be a morsel for hens. I couldn’t find any documentation supporting this, only that the bits the hens are looking for are the seeds. I did find a ...more

2007 Honored Citizen nominations due June 12

Nominations for Carlisle’s honored citizen award are being accepted by the celebrations committee. The deadline for nominations is Thursday, June 12. Please fill out the coupon provided, or send a letter to either Scott Evans or Judy Larson. You may also hand deliver to Scott or Judy. ...more

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