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Friday, May 9, 2008

Quotes from Town Meeting

Tim Hult, Selectman (marking the resignation this year of Robert Koning as building inspector): “When people walked in [Town Hall] they found a neighbor, a friend and a human being.”

Hult: “It’s easily been the most difficult year in the management of the town’s financial process. I commend the FinCom, Town Administrator Madonna Mackenzie, Treasurer Larry Barton, all the town departments, and both the Carlisle School and Concord-Carlisle High School for their cooperation in assisting to balance the budget at a difficult time.”

Dave Model, chair of the Finance Committee (FinCom): “The best way to stay out of trouble is to remain fiscally prudent...”

Tom Dunkers (on unanticipated special education costs at the high school related to psychological/mental health issues):

“How are we planning to separate health costs from educational costs? Shouldn’t the state or insurance companies take care of this?”

Michael Fitzgerald, chair, Concord-Carlisle Regional School Committee: “Mr. Dunkers, you are preaching to the choir. . . insurance companies which should provide this have dropped the ball . . . we are required by law to provide these services, insurance companies are not.”

Fitzgerald: “In my mind the question of fairness was satisfied.”

Model: “There has been good fiscal management at the high school and we support it.”

Jane Anderson, Garden Club President (on the request for CPA funds to clean lichen from the marble statue in the rotary): “While the Goddess of Liberty cannot speak for herself, I hope these pictures will speak for her...”

Doug Stevenson, Selectman and chair, Honor Roll Committee: “Our committee’s mission can be summed up with these few words, ‘Honoring all who serve.’ ”

John Ballantine (on the Honor Roll cost of $98,000): “I support this project but I am putting on my curmudgeon hat. I think that this would not pass if it were in the regular budget. I support the concept but I would prefer $50,000 to $98,000.”

Nancy Pierce (on use of CPC funds for the Honor Roll): “CPA money is restricted. I can’t see how tearing down a non-historic monument and rebuilding it can be seen as historic preservation.”

John Williams, Selectman (on $425,000 for Benfield infrastructure): “We have 11 Carlisle residents on the waiting list for a development that hasn’t even been built yet.”

John Rizzi of Spencer Brook Farm, South Street (on Benfield): “I think the committee has made a good effort to find a balance. I am a supporter. I want to move forward with this . . . I hope this is a project that is built the right way. . . This is a good chunk of money to support this . . I hope this will be a project that looks right on South Street, honors our seniors and is a good role model for the state.” ∆

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