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Friday, May 2, 2008

Article 21 – CPA appropriations

The Community Preservation Committee (CPC), which consists of one at-large member and one representative each from the Housing Authority, Recreation Commission, Conservation Commission, Historical Commission, Planning Board and Selectmen, was formed to administer the distribution of funds collected under the Community Preservation Act (CPA). CPA funds, which are collected via a 2% real estate tax surcharge, were matched dollar for dollar by the state last year. By law, this money may be used only for historical preservation, community housing and open space preservation/public recreation. Ten percent of CPA revenues are set aside for each special purpose, and the remaining 70% is placed in the CPA undesignated fund to be spent for any qualifying project. The CPC has reviewed all applications and will make the following recommendations to Town Meeting, which has final spending authority.

Motion 1

The first motion under Article 21 appropriates estimated revenues from the FY09 Community Preservation Fund to the various CPA funds: A sum of $53,652 will be appropriated to the Housing Reserve and another $53,652 to the Historic Reserve. The Open Space allotment of $53,652 will be used in combination with $93,348 from the undesignated fund (for a total $147,000) for debt service principal payment for the Benfield Land purchase. Another $37,770 is to be appropriated for debt service interest payment, and $5,000 is to be set aside for administrative expenses. Finally, $239,446 is to be appropriated for the FY09 Community Preservation Budgeted Reserve. Table 1 shows the anticipated fund balances as of April 28; the end of the current fiscal year on June 30; and the first day of FY09 on July 1.

Motion 2

Because the Coventry Woods plan was dropped by the developer, the town is being asked to rescind the 2006 Town Meeting vote which authorized spending $200,000 for the creation of two additional units of affordable housing. The money was not spent and is to be returned to the Community Preservation undesignated fund.

Motion 3:Liberty Statue restoration

The Carlisle Garden Club and Carlisle Historical Commission have requested $4,000 for cleaning and restoration of the marble statue in the Town Center rotary. Acid rain and lichen growth on the monument have resulted in etching of the marble surface. To avoid further loss of surface detail, appropriate cleaning and conservation treatments are required. The Garden Club proposes to hire Ivan Myjer, an experienced monument conservation specialist, for the work. The CPC recommends that $4,000 be appropriated from the Community Preservation Historical Fund (CPHF), to be spent by the end of 2009. Unspent funds would return to the CPHF.

Motion 4: Protection and display of historical artifacts

The Carlisle Historical Society and Carlisle Historical Commission have requested $2,500 for tools and storage materials of archival quality to store and display historic maps and textiles (including historic banners, flags and clothing) relating to the history of Carlisle. These artifacts are currently at risk of deterioration. The Historical Society has two collections, one of which belongs to the town and was previously stored at Gleason Library. The other belongs to the Society. Both are currently stored or displayed at Heald House. Should the Society ever disband, everything, including Heald House, would revert to town ownership. The CPC recommends that $2,500 be appropriated from the CPHF to be spent by the end of 2009. Unspent funds would return to the CPHF.

Motion 5: Gleason Public Library façade

Wind-driven rain and snow have slowly deteriorated the mortar between the brick and granite joints of the old section of the library building. The Board of Trustees of the library has requested $40,000 to assess the level of damage and to plan for preservation reconstruction of the 110-year-old building. The trustees will hire a preservation specialist to assess the repair situation, to design the plan for the preservation reconstruction and to issue and review a Request for Proposals (RFP) for the work. The CPC recommends that $40,000 be appropriated from the CPHF to be spent by the end of 2009. Unspent funds would return to the CPHF.

Motion 6: Upgrade of Veterans Honor Roll

To preserve the historical record of the Carlisle residents who have served their country and to honor those who died in military service, the Town Honor Roll Committee (HRC), together with the Board of Selectmen, have requested $98,070 for design and construction services to upgrade the Town Honor Roll. The HRC proposal would create a small park-like area in the corner of the Town Common including a monument/Honor Roll. The Honor Roll will be made of stone with bronze tablets that will list all Carlisle veterans from World War I to the present. In addition, the committee intends to grade the area around the town flag pole to create a more suitable site for town ceremonies. The CPC recommends that $98,070 be appropriated from the undesignated fund, with the work to be completed by the end of 2010. Unspent funds will be returned after two years to the CPC undesignated fund. The work will be overseen by the Selectmen.

Motion 7: Benfield infrastructure

The Carlisle Housing Authority has requested $425,000 for engineering and construction of an access road, drilling a public water supply and installing a septic system for 26 units of affordable senior housing on the Benfield Land on South Street. This grant would allow the Housing Authority to provide the infrastructure on the land as part of an agreement with a builder if necessary. The Housing Authority is currently drafting a request for proposals and will soon advertise for a project developer. The CPC recommends that $425,000 be appropriated from the CPA undesignated fund to the Carlisle Affordable Housing Trust, to be returned in 2011 if unspent. ∆

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