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Friday, May 2, 2008

Article 7 – Carlisle School needs manager for building project

The School Building Committee (SBC) is requesting $25,000 to hire an Owner’s Project Manager for the proposed building project. SBC Chair Lee Storrs said that the Warrant Article authorizes the town to transfer funds from free cash, and will not raise taxes.

The Owner’s Project Manager is the first step in the school project. Once hired, the project manager will write a request for a proposal to hire an architect for the new building and assist the school in selecting the architect.

State law requires a project manager for all public projects that cost over $1.5 million. The manager will oversee spending and add professional oversight of design and construction practices during the project.

The plan is to replace the 50-year-old Spalding Building, rated in poor condition by the state, with a new elementary building. Some limited renovations are also planned for the school’s other buildings. The town expects to receive a project reimbursement of approximately 40% from the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA), with reimbursement payments received during the course of the project.

After a five-year state moratorium on school building funds, Carlisle made it to the list of potential MSBA reimbursement projects last year. Under the new reimbursement process, the agency plans to manage costs by working with schools during the design stage. The state will partner with the school and town on building designs and the group must reach an agreement on the size and scope of the project.

Architect funds at fall Town Meeting

The school expects to request an additional $250,000 to $300,000 at a Special Town Meeting this fall to hire an architect, who will complete a schematic, or partial design, of the new building.

Storrs said the MSBA thinks the school’s 2006 Master Plan is a good starting point. The architect, who will potentially start late this year, will provide the town with more details on what the replacement building will look like and what renovations will be made to the other buildings. “Architect schematic designs should give voters a good handle on what the design of the project is, before a big [financial] vote is necessary,” said Storrs.

The School Building Committee estimates that a new elementary building could be complete four years from now, in the summer of 2012, if there are no delays. ∆

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