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Friday, May 2, 2008

Planning Board shorts, April 28

Hanover Hill Subdivision. Planning Board chair-pro-tem David Freedman opened the continued public hearing on the Hanover Hill subdivision. The proposed common driveways and one related cul-de-sac were specifically scrutinized based on comments in a letter from Fire Chief David Flannery. Freedman explained that subdivision and common driveway plans are routinely submitted to the Fire Department for comment on public safety issues. In this subdivision the board is attempting to apply discretion consistent with its Rules and Regulations in order to minimize encroachment of the cul-de-sac into a potential vernal pool area.

Member Brian Larson acknowledged that plans are submitted to the Fire Department for comment and not for approval but suggested a dialogue with the chief: “We should sort out our Rules and Regulation if the chief objects to details based on safety.”

Deb Belanger of the Footpath Subcommittee and developer representatives George Dimakarakos and Rob West discussed the status of plans for the proposed footpath along Westford Street. The asphalt path, to be constructed by the developer, would be on the development side of the stonewall from Acton Street to a point beyond 546 Westford Street and within the town right-of-way beyond 546 Westford Street to Munroe Hill Road. The path would continue on the opposite side of Westford Street, from Munroe Hill Road to the west gate of the Towle Field. Also the developer is proposing granting a public easement beyond the project area from Acton Street to Curve Street but with the stipulation that a boardwalk not be part of any future pathway in this section.

At a prior meeting (see “Planning Board shorts, March 31,” Mosquito April 4) Rob West was encouraged to look at boardwalks within Minuteman Park. Reiterating his prior opinion, West said, “I had a personal tour by the ranger and nothing I saw impressed me – it didn’t blend in.”

The public hearing will be continued on May 12 at 8:15 p.m.

Hobblebush Lane. The board met with Jack Dawley (president of Northland Residential Corporation), Northland engineer Peter Crabtree and the owners of the house on Lot 1C, to seek some resolution to problems related to the private common driveway at the site. (See “Occupancy permits withheld for Hobblebush development,” Mosquito April 18, 2008.) Farshad Nayeri and Lauren Schmitt requested a modification of Condition #10 of the Common Driveway Special Permit previously issued for the property so that they could obtain a certificate of occupancy prior to completion of drainage and landscaping details on the common driveway. Noting that Lots 2C and 3C have not been sold by the developer and consequently can serve as guarantee that the private common driveway will be properly completed, the board voted to grant the Nayeri and Schmitt request. All deficiencies in the private common driveway and inspection of the implementation must be completed by July 31.

Chestnut Estates Conservation Cluster. Attorney Martha Howe, representing the owner, requested and received an extension of time to July 16, 2009 to exercise the Conservation Cluster and Common Driveway Special Permit for the property at 400 Rutland Street (Map 36, Parcels 23 & 26). If not exercised by that date, the permits will lapse.

Request for Proposals for Personal Wireless Communications Facilities on town-owned land. Board member Brian Larson explained that Article 20 in the warrant for the May 5 Town Meeting is intended to clarify and correct the description of town-owned properties in consideration for wireless facilities. At the time of the 2007 Town Meeting the Fire Station site was erroneously identified as being part of the Town Office site. ∆

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