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Friday, May 2, 2008

A message from the Carlisle Police Department

To the Editor:

The Carlisle Police Department would like to offer reminders with regard to alcohol offenses. With prom season and graduation ceremonies due to begin soon, we would like to remind you of the dangers associated with alcohol. There will be zero tolerance for any underage drinking, drinking while driving and house parties.

We would like all parents to remind their loved ones about the dangers of alcohol consumption. Do not assume that your children know how you feel about drinking. Please explain your rules on drinking to your teenagers in advance.

Suggested rules:

1. Your child is not permitted to drink alcohol.

2. Your child is not permitted to operate your vehicle after consuming alcohol.

3. Your child is not allowed to carry alcohol in your vehicle, even if the alcohol belongs to a friend and your child will not be drinking alcohol.

4. No person under the age of 21 may drink alcohol in your house.

5. The child must leave any social gathering where people under 21 years of age are drinking alcohol.

6. Set a time for your child to be home and enforce it.

The Carlisle Police Department wishes everyone a fun and safe prom and graduation season. Please remember to wear your seatbelt.

Officer Paul J. Smith

Community Policing Officer

West Side Story a wow

To the Editor:

I sat with my mouth open, amazed at the dazzling choreography of West Side Story, the brilliance of the music and excellence of singing and acting. The elaborate structure and functional stage set blew me away. The casting was right on, the costumes and make-up the best you could dream of. Awesome lighting. I was particularly delighted by the body language of the actors while others were speaking. Top notch professional performances, and right here in Concord. 42nd Street couldn’t have done it better. Wow!

Phyllis Hughes

Church Street

Support for Nock

To the Editor:

This is a letter of endorsement for Cindy Nock, who is running for Selectman in Carlisle. Cindy is dedicated to Carlisle and has made many positive contributions to our town. Cindy spent several years as a member of the Board of Appeals which included more than a year as the Board’s Chairman. She has a positive perspective and keeps focused on doing what is best for the Carlisle community. We wish her the best!

Shann Kerner
Robbins Drive

Steve Kirk
Westford Street

Julie Levey
Autumn Lane

Support for John Williams

To the Editor:

I am writing in support of John Williams for Selectman. As a member of the Planning Board, I have worked with John for the past three years on a variety of issues, most notably Affordable Housing and the impacts on Carlisle of State 40B mandates. John is appropriately angry about the flaws in the current legislation and its potential to do harm to our town. Aside from his experience and intelligence, John’s most important attributes – those that make him the best candidate for this post – are his willingness to listen and his dedication. John takes the time to hear all sides of an issue, does his homework, putting in the extra hours required outside of board meetings, and is capable of making the nuanced decisions that are critical to Carlisle now. I urge you to join me in voting for John Williams for Selectman on May 13.

David Freedman
Hutchins Road

Reelect Selectman John Williams

To the Editor:

It has been my pleasure to interact with Selectman John Williams on a number of occasions. Each time I have found him to be intelligent, well informed and thoughtfully considerate of information presented to him. In short – a good listener. John strikes me as having found a good balance in considering priorities of various town constituencies, as is appropriate for a Selectman.  Having said that, I have also found him to be aware of the needs of Carlisle’s senior community – both present and future. We are fortunate in Carlisle to have people like John Williams, willing to take time out of their busy lives to serve the interests of the community.   This is another example of the spirit of volunteerism which sustains the town. I enthusiastically support the reelection of John Williams to the position of Selectman.

Bert Williams
Maple Street

Council on Aging Board member
Carlisle Elderly Housing Board member
Old Home Day Committee member

Support for incumbent Selectmen

To the Editor:

Over the past several years, I have had the opportunity of working with the current Board of Selectmen on several issues and been present while they have addressed others. They have always acted professionally and looked hard for balanced solutions to issues. They have had to deal with neighbor versus neighbor, citizens versus the state, attacks on our environment, etc. I believe they understand the forces acting upon our town and how to best address them. Equally important, they understand the forces acting within our town (e.g. schools, seniors, environment, etc.) and the need to strike balances among these forces. They all spend a great deal more time listening than talking, which I believe is an important attribute.

I have written letters to the BOS in the past thanking them for their efforts, so my support for them is not due to a recent awakening brought on by the upcoming election.

As I see the situation, the interests of Carlisle will be well served by returning William Tice and John Williams to the board.

Jim Elgin
East Riding Drive

Carlisle Schools’ vision statement

To the Editor:

For the past two years, Carlisle Public Schools’ Strategic Planning Team (SPT) has met to draft a vision statement, mission statement and core values. Members of the team include teachers, administrators, parents, representatives of the Carlisle Education Foundation and the Carlisle School Association, Board of Selectmen and community members. In developing the new vision, mission, and core values, the committee examined statements from a number of other schools and engaged in lengthy discussions regarding the philosophy and educational goals of the Carlisle Schools. The draft was then brought to teachers, parents, student council and school committee members for their feedback prior to the SPT finalizing the document. The concluding version reads:

Vision statement

The vision of the Carlisle Public Schools is to inspire intellectual and ethical excellence so our students are prepared to participate with integrity in a global community.

Mission statement:

The mission of the Carlisle Public Schools is to provide a collaborative and caring community in which each student is known, understood, and valued so that students can learn to their fullest potential in a safe, inclusive environment with high expectations and clear standards for all.

Core Values

Academic Excellence, Creativity, Respect, Responsibility

A fuller expression of these values would include:

We always look beyond what we now know.

We constantly work to know more.

We are respectful toward all in our community.

We use what we know to help others.

We take responsibility for ourselves and for others.

As Chair of the Strategic Planning Team, I would like to thank the members for their diligence in composing these documents as well as their patience as input was garnered from all constituents in our community. Committee members included: Deb Belanger, Joe Campagna, Peter Darasz, James Ewing, Lori Tucker-Goldberg, Liz Gray, Courtney Hadley, Margaret Heigl, Kathy Horan, Tim Hult, Patrice Hurley, Amy Jolly, Alex Krapf, Ginny Lamere, Susan Laporte, Julia Lavely, Tracy Malone, Dennis McCollum, Jennifer Putnam, Dale Ryder, Karen Slack, Mary Storrs and Jack Troast.

Marie H. Doyle, Superintendent

Carlisle Public Schools

Turkey update

To the Editors:

Following up on “Are ‘Our’ Turkeys ‘Your’ Turkeys?” (Mosquito, April 4, 2008), I figure the Carlisle turkey census is 75 at a minimum, probably many more.

Residents of Cross Street, Acton Street and Heald Road share “our” turkey group of 11. Currently the group has split down to smaller groups while the males search out mates and maybe some of the females have begun nesting. The daily migration route for five of the group has been limited to Cross Street lately.

At least three live near Westford Street and Curve Street – maybe a few more since some have been seen crossing Westford Street as singles.

Two large groups of about 30 turkeys were reported. One flock roams from Cutter’s Ridge down East Street, towards the town park near Ferns and nearby Lowell Street houses and back home through woods near East Street. They have never been seen crossing over to the Conant Land. The second large group is on North Road in the proximity of McAllister Drive.

I hope everyone gets to see the local turkeys at times because it is really enjoyable to watch their antics.

Bobby Lyman
Cross Street

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