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Friday, April 25, 2008


Father Rurangirwa: A genocide survivor’s forgiveness

On April 15 Father Romain Rurangirwa gave a heart-wrenching account of the Rwandan genocide 14 years ago. Residents of Carlisle and Westford poured into the Colonel Ruettgers Meeting Room of St. Irene Church and took with them a story that marks the true meaning of valuing life. ...more

Foreign nationals enrich the Carlisle experience

Part of being American means integration of foreign cultures. Bringing different people together dates back to the days when the first white settlers came to the New World from England, France, Spain and Portugal to the more recent post-war influxes of non-English speaking European immigrants, to the even more unfamiliar ...more

“Something great is coming...”

Tony and Maria, the Jets and the Sharks, and Officer Krupke live again in the timeless musical, West Side Story, the spring production of the Concord Players. ...more

BioDiversity Corner: Sap-Feeding Beetle

Name. Sap-feeding beetles are members of the rather small Nitidulidae family whose members are referred to by entomologists as “nits.” This particular one is Glischrochilus. ...more


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