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Friday, April 25, 2008


Michael Epstein

Planning Board

Three-year term

I moved to Carlisle almost 14 years ago when my younger daughter was born, and I have served on the Planning Board for approximately ten of those years. I am a real estate attorney.


From a Planning Board perspective, I believe that the two most pressing issues are: (1) how the town addresses state or federally mandated development or improvements, and (2) the need for increased town volunteers.

With respect to item (1) above, how the Town addresses future 40B projects (state mandated) and future wireless towers (federally mandated) will have long-standing impact on the character of Carlisle. Clearly the most pressing issue is whether we, as a town, can adequately and proactively address the 40B challenge to avoid or manage developments that will, because of their density, be insensitive to our most important resource – our water supply. 40B developments can easily undercut much of the good and hard work accomplished by many in this town over the years. Difficult decisions and tradeoffs are needed to effectively manage this very real threat. (Note – I was an abutter to the proposed Coventry Woods project – so I know first hand what risks are embodied in the 40B law and process.)

With respect to item (2) above, with the many critical issues facing this town it is imperative that qualified citizens become more engaged in town affairs. There is too much to do, with too little time and with too few hands. My decade- long involvement in Planning Board matters is certainly not a credit to any superior qualifications or expertise; it is more a reflection of the general dearth of other volunteers willing to serve. As it is, I now run unopposed, and there is another Planning Board seat vacant. I urge any interested candidates to contact me, George Mansfield or any other member of the Planning Board.

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