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Friday, April 25, 2008


Louis Salemy

School Committee

Three-year term

My name is Louis Salemy. I live on Concord Street and have been a Carlisle resident for 15 years.

There are several reasons why I am running for School Committee and feel that I am uniquely qualified for the position. First and foremost, education has been an integral part of my life. From an early age, my parents instilled in me the value of a quality education and placed great emphasis on excelling academically. While my father rarely came home early, he was always there the day my report card arrived. The high academic standards my parents set for me have served me well: I have a BS from Boston College and an MBA from New York University. With three children in the Carlisle school system, I would like them to receive the best possible education and have tried to replicate the high academic standards my parents set for me.

Second, my wife and I are active participants in the school system. Presently, I serve on the Carlisle School Advisory Board and the Concord Education Fund. My wife is president of the Carlisle School Association (CSA). Third, the financial challenges facing the school system are daunting. Town revenues are under pressure, the cost of providing a quality education keeps rising, and the school’s physical plant needs to be replaced. These issues are not expected to be resolved easily and hard choices need to be made. With 19 years of experience in the investment management field and three years as a CPA, I have been exposed to many crises over my career and have learned how to solve problems. The school system will need to come up with creative ways to partially offset inflationary pressures without damaging the quality of education it provides.

Finally, while I have been very pleased with the school system, there is always room for improvement. In particular, a system of accountability needs to be put in place that measures the success of the school’s programs and the quality of education provided.

Handling of issues

With respect to the School Committee’s handling of the issues surrounding the faculty and the superintendent, I do not think it is appropriate for me to respond because I have not been privy to the private meetings between the various parties. Please understand that I am not trying to avoid taking a stand on the issue. Rather, without full knowledge of the private discussions that took place, I view any response could be potentially harmful to all the parties involved. However, I do think that hiring a consultant to act as a mediator was not the best use of resources. In the end, nothing was accomplished and a lot of money was spent.

As a parent and a resident of the town of Carlisle, I care deeply about the school system and would like to improve it further. The school system is facing substantive and complex issues, and I believe my commitment to quality education, financial experience, and analytic, disciplined approach to problem solving will help the School Committee navigate through this difficult time.

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