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Friday, April 25, 2008


Donald Rober

School Committee

Three-year term

Educating our children is one of the most important responsibilities that our town has. I’m Don Rober and I’m running for School Committee because I have an intense interest in how the school does its job.

I grew up in Belmont, worked for many years in California, and returned to Carlisle in 1992 to run my family’s distribution business. My wife, Wendy Powell, and I now have two sons – a third and sixth grader. Some years have been great, some good and some, quite frankly, not so good. The school went through a phase (admittedly state-mandated) that encouraged our most experienced teachers to retire. We may have saved money, but we have paid dearly. Now we are working to rebuild a stable educational environment, and there is still much work ahead of us.

I have spent a number of years on the School Building Committee, Technology Committee and the town’s Long Term Capital Requirements Committee. As we struggled through this difficult budget season, Long Term Caps felt it was important to give the school the opportunity to choose between money for technology and money for teachers. They placed a higher priority on teachers, and I support that decision.


During the next year, two important projects will take place – negotiating a new teacher contract and taking a building proposal to replace Spalding before the town. I think that it is important that the School Committee works as diligently as possible to arrive at a consensus in its policy making. I am happy to listen to everyone’s opinions, but in the end, we must make our best effort to come to a consensus and move forward. To present deeply divided decisions encourages people to argue over the decisions as opposed to moving forward. Finally, as a member of the Building Committee, I have listened to the needs of the school and will help keep the process moving forward to get us the facilities we need without breaking the bank.

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