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Friday, April 25, 2008


William Tice

Board of Selectmen

Three-year term

My wife and I moved to Carlisle almost 16 years ago because of the rural town character, great schools and a wonderful sense of community. We have grown to love the town and its people. We have two daughters in the public schools, both Carlisle Middle School and CCHS. I am committed to maintaining the high standards that have made our schools among the best in the state.

Prior to my current term as Selectman, I was elected to the Planning Board for a five-year term in 1995. There I was Treasurer and ended my term as the Chairman. Subsequent to the Planning Board term, I was also on the Board of Directors for the Carlisle Extended Day Program.

My background and education are in engineering and management. My career has given me many experiences and opportunities that have helped me to be effective as Selectman.

During my current term as Selectman, most currently as vice chair, I was involved with many projects and responsibilities. This includes everything from budgets and strategy to scholarships and plot transfers at Green Cemetery. I was liaison to many departments and committees including the Carlisle Public School, Personnel Board, Gleason Library and the PEG access station, CCTV. I have worked closely with police, fire, communications and land-use boards. During my term, I advanced the Town Hall technology, including network and infrastructure. I led the initiative to get Carlisle’s official web site,, online and launched the live broadcast of Selectmen meetings to cable subscribers in town.

The biggest current challenge facing our town is sustaining the levels of service we have come to appreciate from our town, while we are experiencing extremely tight budgets due to the low growth rate in Carlisle. We need to work to stretch our dollar through controlled spending and thoughtful fiscal policy. Our schools, here in Carlisle and the regional high school in Concord, are facing the need to renovate/build facilities to maintain the high standards of education that our town has enjoyed for years. The 40B affordable housing challenge is still looming with a revised 40B law that has even further reduced our local control. We also need to keep an eye on the changing demographics of our town and make sure our services meet those changing needs.

I was also asked to comment on a “top funding priority” given our tight budgets. As Selectman, I can’t pick one priority for funding, rather, we need to balance the needs of the town, its people and changing demographics to best suit the community. This unfortunately means that no one group is satisfied, but hopefully we don’t feel any reduction in services as a result.

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