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Friday, April 18, 2008


Board of Selectmen shorts, April 8

• Town Meeting. The Selectmen voted to electronically link up a second room at the Town Meeting to accommodate babysitting services for parents with small children and to accommodate possible overflow attendance. The room will be staffed with a second moderator to relay questions and comments to the primary session. Based on last year’s event, the group expects the cost to be about $300.

• West Street. Chairman Tim Hult brought up requests to review the condition of West Street at an upcoming meeting. The town’s current schedule for repaving the road indicates the work will take place sometime in 2009. Hult recommended the Selectmen drive down the road to record their impressions prior to discussion of the road.

• Memorials. Doug Stevenson reported that the town’s web site includes an honor roll with an updated list of veteran’s names. He reported that the Celebrations Committee is finalizing activities, including speaker selection, for the Memorial Day celebration on Monday, 26. Plans include special honors for the Wilson and the Andreasson families. The Historical Society would like to highlight the hundredth birthday of the chapel in the cemetery.

• BOS meetings. The Selectmen next meet on Tuesday, April 22. Then they will convene on Monday, May 5 just prior to the Town Meeting, and again on the regularly scheduled Tuesday, May 27. ∆

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