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Friday, April 11, 2008


CCHS Boys Fencing Team

wing information on the Concord-Carlisle High School Boys Fencing Team was not included in the last week’s winter sports round-up.

This year’s team captain was David Tekle of Concord and next year Eric Luby of Carlisle will be co-captain with Harry Green of Concord. The boys fencing coach is David Blake, who grew up in Carlisle and fenced for CCHS himself. Carlisle boys on the team were:


Squad leader: Eric Luby ’09

Randy Chin ’10

Eddie Chuang ’10

Ryan Symonds ’10

Alex Kinmonth ’11

Ben Parson ’11


Squad leader: Stephan Wu ’08

Raffi Hsieh ’09

Alex Sayde ’10

Joshua Philippou ’11


Teddy Alexander-Gill ’08

Cameron Anderson ’09

Nathan Hsieh ’09

Tommy Veitch ’11

We thank parent Carolynn Luby for providing this information.

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