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Friday, April 4, 2008


Planning Board shorts, March 31

Wireless Communications Facilities on town-owned land. Board member Brian Larson is on the agenda for the April 14 meeting to report on the progress of the wireless subcommittee in preparing the Request for Proposals. In advance of the meeting Larson asked for guidance from the board. Of the several potential sites on town-owned land, the Police Station site is within the Historic District but the location near the back parking lot at the town offices may or may not be in the district. He asked if the subcommittee should attempt to clarify the status of the latter location.

The Historic District is established in Carlisle’s bylaws and its location is described as: “Beginning at a point on Lowell Street 74.16 feet northerly from station 112 as shown on a layout plan entitled “Plan of Lowell Street, Carlisle as Ordered by the County Commissioners” dated 1934 and recorded with Middlesex North District Deeds: Thence running 81° 12’ east to a point 300 feet from the southeasterly sideline of Lowell Street; thence turning and running south 8° 48’ west 220.49 feet to a point; thence turning….” The description continues in this vein for more than 600 words but, barring a formal land survey, is likely to shed little light on the status of the potential town office site. Given the town’s fiscal constraints, the board’s consensus was to have the subcommittee continue without attempting to resolve the ambiguity.

Hanover Hill Subdivision. George Dimakarakos (Stamski & McNary), Rob West (Wilkins Hill Realty, LLC), Paul Alphen (Balas, Alphen & Santos, P.C.), and Kim Ahern (Ahern Landscape Architects) presented updated details on the two subdivision roads for Hanover Hill.

Also discussed was the status of planning for the proposed asphalt-paved footpath that the developer will build along Westford Street. West indicated that the pathway would be on the development side of the stonewall from Acton Street to a point beyond 546 Westford Street. Deb Belanger of the Pedestrian and Bike Safety Advisory Subcommittee said that the Board of Selectmen has approved use of the town right-of-way for the portion of the pathway beyond 546 Westford Street to Virginia Farme Lane. An additional request will be made for the short section from Virginia Farme Lane to Munroe Hill Road and, on the opposite side of Westford Street, from Munroe Hill Road to the west gate of the Towle Field.

Although beyond scope of the present pathway, West was asked about the proposed public easement beyond the project area from Acton Street to Curve Street. He responded, “I would not want to see a boardwalk in that area.” Chair Michael Epstein said, “I have not been aware that a potential boardwalk is an issue.” West said that his concerns were aesthetics and the ability of a boardwalk to support maintenance equipment. Belanger suggested that looking at the boardwalks within the Minuteman Park may mitigate his concerns.

The public hearing will be continued at the board’s next meeting on April 14 at 8:45 p.m.

268 Fiske Street (Map 30, Parcel 11). Engineer George Dimakarakos and applicants Ann and John Ballantine spoke to the board to request a special permit for a common driveway to access a proposed house to be located behind their existing dwelling. They started the discussion with a disclaimer – the proposed common portion of the driveway will be lengthened beyond that represented in the plans before the board. As initially proposed to the Conservation Commission (See ConsCom Shorts) the common portion to serve two house lots is approximately 265 feet long; it will be increased by from 50 to 100 feet in an attempt to allay ConsCom concerns about proximity of the private portion of the new driveway to wetlands.

The public hearing will be continued at 7:45 p.m. on May 12.

Livable Carlisle Community Forum. The public forum will be held in the Corey Auditorium on Saturday, April 5 from 9 a.m. to noon. The board voted to allocate up to $500 to cover expenses. ∆

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