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Friday, April 4, 2008


Selectmen shorts, March 25

• Old Home Day. The use of the Town Center for Old Home Day, June 27 evening to June 29, was approved. There will be a picnic with ice cream, a twilight musical, and a tethered hot air balloon. Selectmen Chair Tim Hult thanked Old Home Day organizers Dave and Florence Reed for “A very appropriate celebration for the town of Carlisle.”

• Town Warrant Articles. The Board of Selectmen (BOS) reviewed the votes of the Community Preservation Committee supporting restoration of the rotary statue, assessment of the damage to the library façade, conservation of historical artifacts and restoration of the Honor Roll. These items will be presented for votes at Town Meeting, with a decision yet to be made on funds for Benfield infrastructure. Selectman Doug Stevenson noted that a list of veterans in a “virtual Honor Roll” will be on-line at to allow corrections, additions, and deletions before the memorial, if approved, is cast in bronze. The Town Meeting Warrant was opened to make some small corrections and then closed. There are 28 Articles. The ballot for Town Elections will include an override question.

• The Municipal Partnership Act filed by Governor Patrick last year allows cities and towns to tax telecommunications wires and poles on public ways. This is being appealed by Verizon. Previously, only buildings and equipment could be taxed. Town Administrator Madonna McKenzie noted, “This is a good piece of legislation” but said she has not had a chance to estimate the potential tax revenue, which cannot be entered into new growth calculations until the lawsuit is resolved.

• Appointments. The BOS appointed seven members to the new Accessory Alternative Clean Energy Generation Committee. They are Bill Morgan of the Zoning Board of Appeals, Greg Peterson of the Planning Board, Bill Tice of the BOS, Elizabeth Barnett representing Town Hall, and at large members Bob Koning, Keith Therrien and John Dalton. It was noted there is a good deal of energy engineering experience on the committee. The group will make a recommendation regarding the advisability of changes to town zoning laws to accommodate alternative energy generation. That recommendation is expected in December, and may be presented and voted on at Town Meeting 2009.

A committee has been formed to select a new Building Commissioner/Zoning Enforcement Officer to replace Bob Koning who retired in December. It is expected to have a recommendation at the April 8 BOS meeting.

The Carlisle School Building Committee will be adding members as required by the Massachusetts School Building Authority regulations. No architects have applied. A question arose as to whether parents with children at the Carlisle Public School should be represented.

Deborah Toher of Curve Street and Lawrence Sorli of Westford Street were nominated to serve as Inspectors of Animals for the year starting May 1, 2008.

• Debt. The Selectmen approved a one-year bond anticipation note for $1 million at 2.25% interest. Also, a vote was taken to declare some aged computer equipment surplus property. The system has been in use at the Police Department for seven years after being rescued from disposal at Town Hall, where it already had been used for several years.∆

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