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Friday, April 4, 2008

Police Blotter

March 24

7:36 a.m. A rollover accident occurred on West Street. The operator, a 17-year-old female from Carlisle, was taken to the hospital, checked and released. The accident is under investigation.

9:09 a.m. NStar was advised of a branch on wires on Concord Street.

3:19 p.m. Patrol assisted the Fire Department at the scene of a medical emergency.

4:26 p.m. A Nowell Farme Road resident reported receiving a counterfeit check. The matter is under investigation.

March 25

7:35 a.m. Patrol investigated a disabled vehicle at Westford and Cross Streets. The vehicle was being removed by the owner.

March 26

8:53 a.m. A resident applied to have a restraining order extended.

2:07 p.m. Patrol advised a tree crew in the roadway at Bedford Road and Brook Street.

3:43 p.m. Patrol investigated a disabled vehicle at School Street and the First Religious Society and determined AAA was en route.

5:58 p.m. NStar and DPW were notified of a tree on the wires at Baldwin Road and Woodridge Road. The tree was removed.

March 27

9:08 a.m. A speed monitor was set up on South Street.

11:02 a.m. A motor vehicle crash occurred on Westford Street and is under investigation. A 19-year-old male was transported to the hospital.

3:02 p.m. Patrol was successful at the scene of a lockout on Lowell Street.

March 28

9:28 a.m. A Concord Street resident reported part of his stone wall was missing. The theft was just noticed and it is uncertain when the stones were taken.

3:50 p.m. A resident reported hazardous operation of a school bus at a turn-around at the Westford line; the bus company was contacted.

5:53 p.m. NStar was advised of a power outage on Maple Street.

March 29

8:54 a.m. Patrol investigated a possible bicycle accident at Bedford Road and Church Street; the situation checked okay.

10 a.m. DPW was advised of an icy roadway on Westford Street.

10:30 a.m. NStar was notified of a power outage on Fielding Farm Drive.

1:07 p.m. Patrol investigated a burglar alarm from a vacant house at Rocky Point. The situation appeared secure.

March 30

8:02 a.m. A resident reported mailbox vandalism on Skelton Road.

2:17 p.m. Patrol assisted the Fire Department at the scene of a burner problem on Orchard Acres Drive.

2:25 p.m. Patrol checked on the barn at Maple Street and the Greenough Land lot; the barn door was open but otherwise the situation appeared normal.

6:55 p.m. A Rutland Street resident reported trees had been cut down on his property.

10:04 p.m. Patrol assisted the Fire Department on Buttrick Lane where a fire alarm was sounding; this was determined to be due to an alarm malfunction.

Fire Log

March 24

7:38 a.m. A one-car vehicle accident occurred on West Street. The driver was transported to Emerson Hospital.

3:21 p.m. EMTs and ALS 1 responded to a medical emergency. A 74-year-old man was transported with ALS to Emerson Hospital.

March 27

11:04 a.m. A one-car vehicle accident occurred on Westford Street. ALS was called and cancelled; the driver was transported to Emerson Hospital.

5:13 p.m. ALS responded to a medical emergency and transported a 36-year-old female to Emerson Hospital.

Police activity summary

136 Checks town buildings

and churches

30 Housechecks

40 Directed activity

39 Traffic violations

05 Residential and other alarms

Real Estate Transfers – March 2008

• 41 Patten Lane – Mehdi and Dora Khayami to Mehdi Khayami, trustee of Mehdi Khayami Revocable Trust and Dora Khayami, trustee of Ho-Khayami Revocable Trust, for $1.00 on March 5.

• 352 Westford Street – Daniel P. Coursey to Anna and Phillipe Selve for $1,395,000 on March 7.

• 31 Berry Corner Road – George J. Skelly to Margaret Crouse Skelly for $1.00 on March 11.

• 13-15 Lowell Street – Margaret A. Rollins, trustee of Red & White Realty Trust, to Red & White Realty LLC for $1.00 on March 18.

• 29 Indian Hill – Holly K. Gifford and Douglas B. Cleveland, co-executors of the estate of Geraldine B. Cleveland, to James C. Cross, III and Heidi Gengenbach for $682,450 on March 20.

• 384 Autumn Lane – Emily Bridwell Merz and Norma E. H. Bridwell, trustees of Autumn Nominee Trust, to Timothy M. Stevens for $548,500 on March 21.

• 240 Hutchins Road, Lot 34A – Michele Scavongelli, f/k/a Michele Van Leer, to Peter and Michele Scavongelli for $1.00 on March 26.

• 84 Oak Knoll Road – Daniel P. and Sharon T. Dillon to Daniel and Rosani Tangliana Kusik for $930,000 on March 26.

• 109 Prospect Street – Patricia E. and William H. Schannen to William H. and Patricia E. Schannen, trustees of Schannen Realty Trust, for $1.00 on March 27.

• Pine Brook Road, Lot A-2 – Barbara V. Trainor, individually and as trustee of Barbara V. Trainor Living Revocable Trust, to Leo J. and Pamela T. Blanchette for $1.00 on March 27.

• 55 Wilkins Lane – Richard H. Bevier and Laurie, a/k/a Laura, Bevier to Nancy J. and Philip S. Lotane for $1,578,000 on March 28.

• 554 River Road – Douglas W. and Janice A. Deyoe to Brian J. and Lori K. Kane for $570,000 on March 31.

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