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Friday, April 4, 2008


The all-natural beauty treatment

by Nutan Chandra Today I walked two miles to energize myself, listened to Paul McKenna’s “trance” to overcome unnecessary eating, and counted the glasses of water I drank. No, I am not trying to lose weight, although losing ten pounds wouldn’t hurt.

My real goal is to look my best when my new milestone decade arrives -- I have more than 18 months to prepare. I have worked hard to spread the word to friends at work so they can warn me if I start to stray. At home I have things under control: my kids are warned not to share “fatty junk” when I ask for it. I have also taught them about my portion sizes when they serve an occasional treat. Sometimes I think they exaggerate on the low side and that really hurts! “A spoonful of ice cream does not mean a teaspoon,” I whine.

I have given up cosmetics, even the basics. I justified it, saying, “If I don’t look in the mirror, I won’t notice. As long as I radiate confidence, I should be good.” I do, however, feel concerned about my coworkers who sit across from me in my office. They look at me with blank stares, and I am sure they are saying, “Something about her is different.” Fortunately most of our meetings are through conference calls, the project team is dispersed, and there is no need to book a conference room. I am saving people from seeing my mostly tired face, especially by the end of the day.

To take away the tiredness from my face I am researching options, home-made ones mostly for economic reasons. My sister told me that placing mashed fruit on your face for about 15 minutes and washing it away with cold water adds glow to your face. I have fruit in the house and am waiting for the perfect time, but I promise I will start soon.

I read about steam facials. I held my breath the last time I had it done by a professional. She asked me to stay calm and breathe easy, but that was not easy. When I showed her that all my blackheads were still visible, she was quick to point out, “You didn’t let the steam blast on you; your pores needed that.” I have to muster up the courage to try again, perhaps in the privacy of my own home where I hope to fare better and win the battle over blackheads.

For body lotions and hair conditioning I am using coconut oil, the edible kind. It really adds shine to my hair, but I think it takes at least half a tank more water to wash it out of my hair and skin. However, I am saving more by not buying those expensive facial creams and hair conditioners.

So when you see me next time, please compliment me on my glow. This will keep me motivated and will also stop me from buying chocolate croissants at Ferns! ∆

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