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Friday, March 21, 2008


CPC supports Honor Roll, delays Benfield Land decision

On March 17, the Community Preservation Committee (CPC) continued deliberations on two remaining grant applications. At previous meetings the committee had voted to support grants for restoration of the liberty statue ($4,000), conservation of artifacts related to the history of Carlisle ($2,500) and assessment of restoration of the Gleason Public Library façade ...more

Forum hears how state laws support green energy

Nearly 75 Carlisleans flocked into Union Hall Monday night to exchange ideas and hear State Representative Cory Atkins and Massachusetts Climate Action Chair Rob Garrity answer the question: “Green energy legislation: what’s new on Beacon Hill?” ...more

Single internal candidate applies for CCHS superintendent post

The Concord-Carlisle Regional School Committee (RSC) is looking for a candidate to replace Superintendent Brenda Finn, who will retire at the end of the school year, and has decided to search first within the school community. One application was received by the March 17 deadline. The candidate is scheduled to be interviewed on May 1, and the RSC expects to ...more

BOH buys emergency generator

The Board of Health (BOH) recently purchased a small, used generator as part of an emergency preparedness initiative to equip the school as a public shelter and emergency dispensing site. The board used $800 of grant funding to purchase the equipment, after spending $3,600 last fall on wiring and a transfer switch. The generator is powered by natural gas and ...more

Town to vote on septic management loan program

At Town Meeting on May 5, Carlisle will be asked to vote under Article 25 on a Community Septic Management Program proposed by the Board of Health (BOH). The program will enable the town to provide loans to homeowners who need to bring their septic systems into compliance with Title 5 of the state environmental code. Private septic systems must pass Title 5 ...more

Highland Study Group gathers data

The Highland Building Study Group met on March 12 to discuss the details of the several possible dispositions of the Highland School Building. Alan Carpenito reported that both Phyllis Hughes, an artist who used the building for studio space during Emerson Umbrella’s tenure there, and Wendy Davis, who taught in the building when it was part of the Carlisle ...more

ConsCom manages open space, protects wetlands

• Trail linkages. Conservation Administrator Sylvia Willard reported that the Trails Committee is developing trails along West Street in the open space parcels of land owned by the Carlisle Conservation Foundation. The trails could conceivably link with hundreds of acres of conservation land in Acton. Willard indicated that a landlocked one-acre parcel of ...more

Shorts from the Selectmen, March 11

• Alternative Energy. On March 11 the Board of Selectmen (BOS) voted on the charter of a new ad hoc advisory committee on alternative energy, to include Selectman Bill Tice, Carlisle Administrative Coordinator Elizabeth Barnett (non-voting), one member from the Planning Board, one member from the Zoning Board of Appeals, and four community representatives. ...more

Carlisle School seeks funds for building project manager

At the Spring Town Meeting the school plans to request $25,000 to hire an Owner’s Project Manager for its proposed building project. School Building Committee Chair Lee Storrs said, with limited town money available this year, the school will make a Warrant Article request for project manager funds. ...more

State to hear reimbursement request for Carlisle School wastewater plant

The Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) will discuss the town’s appeal for partial reimbursement for the school wastewater treatment plant at a hearing in Boston on April 3. Town Treasurer Larry Barton and another member of the Building Committee plan to attend the hearing. The agency will make a final decision on any reimbursement funds in May. ...more


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