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Friday, March 21, 2008


Recipe ideas for your Easter dinner

Easter is almost here, which must mean that spring has arrived! This year, the holiday is too early for most of Carlisle’s daffodils and tulips to have sprouted, but I’ve spotted a few crocuses. Whether or not we observe Easter as a religious holiday, many of us appreciate this season of rebirth, along with its many festive traditions. Children of ...more

Nicholas Carr illuminates information technology for the rest of us

Carlisle author Nicholas Carr has managed to remain a very private person in town. To the general public, he is known mostly for his controversial style of writing, questioning common wisdom in the information technology (IT) world, and making some bold predictions on the future of IT. ...more

Biodiversity Corner Spotted Salamander...more

Now it’s our turn to host our Japanese friends

I am very excited to be on the hosting end of the Shiroishi/CCHS band exchange. Many of the students from Japan participated in the joint concert last year when the Concord-Carlisle Concert Band went to Japan, so it will be great to see all my overseas friends again when they arrive in Concord next week. I have been in contact with my host sisters and they ...more

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Putting "Community" into Community gardens...more

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