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Friday, March 21, 2008


State to hear reimbursement request for Carlisle School wastewater plant

The Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) will discuss the town’s appeal for partial reimbursement for the school wastewater treatment plant at a hearing in Boston on April 3. Town Treasurer Larry Barton and another member of the Building Committee plan to attend the hearing. The agency will make a final decision on any reimbursement funds in May.

In 1996 the former School Building Assistance agency agreed to a 60% reimbursement for a $500,000 septic system replacement, part of the school’s Link building expansion project. The state’s final project audit, completed in December, did not approve a 60% reimbursement for the additional cost of the $2.2 million wastewater plant completed in 2006.

After a meeting with the MSBA in January, Barton wrote them a four-page letter describing the complex decade-long wastewater project. He asked the agency to consider a partial reimbursement for Carlisle, documenting the school’s need for the plant and the effect on the project of reorganization and changes at the state agency.

With tighter state fiscal oversight under the new school building agency, the town is not expecting the old 60% rate, if a grant for the wastewater plant is made. Barton has said the town has an obligation to pursue reimbursement and is making every effort to recover costs. ∆

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