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Friday, March 21, 2008


Carlisle School seeks funds for building project manager

At the Spring Town Meeting the school plans to request $25,000 to hire an Owner’s Project Manager for its proposed building project. School Building Committee Chair Lee Storrs said, with limited town money available this year, the school will make a Warrant Article request for project manager funds.

State law requires a project manager for all public projects costing over $1.5 million. Once hired, the project manager is expected to write the solicitation for an architect for the new school building. The manager will also oversee spending and add professional oversight of design and construction practices on an ongoing basis during the project.

The project is to replace the 50- year-old Spalding Building with a new elementary school building. If the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) gives final project approval, the town expects to receive roughly 40% reimbursement from the MSBA for the cost of the new building.

The building project made the list of those approved for potential state reimbursement late last year, after a five-year state moratorium on state building funds. Carlisle is listed as a feasibility invitation, meaning the state plans to work with the school and town as a team on designs for the proposed building.

The Building Committee had its first meeting with the MSBA in January to begin the process. The group recently worked to complete a state enrollment questionnaire and the Initial Compliance Certification, a legal agreement required by the state. The Building Committee predicts a new elementary building could be complete four years from now, in the summer of 2012, if there are no delays.

As part of its agreement with the state, the building committee includes town representatives as well as school officials. Selectman Tim Hult, Town Administrator Madonna McKenzie, and Finance Director Larry Barton now serve on the committee. School members include Superintendent Marie Doyle, School Business Manager Heidi Zimmerman, Facilities Supervisor David Flannery, School Committee representative Wendell Sykes, and Building Committee members Christy Barbee, Bob Pauplis, Bill Risso, Don Rober, Lee Storrs and Ingo Szegvari. Membership will increase from 13 to 15 members after the committee adds an architect, and a teacher to be appointed by the Carlisle Teachers’ Association. ∆

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