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Friday, March 21, 2008

Recipe ideas for your Easter dinner

Easter is almost here, which must mean that spring has arrived! This year, the holiday is too early for most of Carlisle’s daffodils and tulips to have sprouted, but I’ve spotted a few crocuses. Whether or not we observe Easter as a religious holiday, many of us appreciate this season of rebirth, along with its many festive traditions. Children of all ages love to dye eggs. Searching for Easter eggs and candy are great fun, and who doesn’t love the Easter Bunny?

  Leaving the bone in adds more flavor; on the other hand, it’s easier to carve the roast if you use a boneless leg. Whatever cut of lamb you choose, use a meat thermometer so that you get the proper amount of doneness.

An idea for all those navel oranges 

To support the Carlisle School Band, I recently bought a big carton of navel oranges. Thus I was inspired to make a lively, garlicky orange salad that I hadn’t prepared for some years. The bright taste and color of this dish would go well with a lamb dinner. Black olives and green herbs contrast nicely with the orange slices. I believe that oranges came to the New World centuries ago with the Spanish explorers. We could probably find a similar salad along the Costa del Sol!



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