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Friday, March 14, 2008


Shorts from the Planning Board, March 10

• Alternative Clean Energy Subcommittee [Wind Turbines and more]. The Planning Board reviewed a draft charter for the subcommittee submitted by the Board of Selectmen. Selectman Alan Carpenito, attending the March 10 Planning Board meeting, asked, “Aren’t we deviating from the normal process – shouldn’t changes in zoning bylaws originate with the Planning Board?” Board chair Michael Epstein responded that any recommendation for a zoning bylaw change will have to come to the Planning Board, and it will hold public hearings on the proposed change. In anticipation of formation of the subcommittee the board voted to name Greg Peterson as its representative.

• Hobblebush Lane. Northland Residential Corporation has requested that the board accept a cash bond in lieu of its typical requirements imposed on private common driveway special permits. The private common driveway at Hobblebush serves four building lots. This would permit a valid occupancy permit to be issued before the special permit requirements are satisfied. The board voted to deny the request.

• Highland Building Study. Ken Hoffman, the board’s representative on the Highland Building Study Subcommittee, said, “I do this sort of thing for a living [restoration of buildings]. It is my professional opinion that the building is of value – not just historical value.” He anticipated that the study would be done by the end of May.

• 40-B Working Group. David Freedman, the board’s representative on the 40-B Working Group, reported on progress. He said that, in contrast with several examples from other towns that concentrate on design standards, Carlisle’s group is focused on process. He said, “The group has produced a lot of stuff, voluminous content, but there will have to be another phase to the effort.” Epstein suggested that the group be invited to attend a Planning Board meeting to discuss the topic.

• Wireless Communications Facilities on town-owned land. Board member Brian Larson asked to be on the agenda for the April 14 meeting to report on the progress of the wireless subcommittee in preparing the Request for Proposals for Personal Wireless Communications Facilities on Town-owned land.

• Hanover Hill Subdivision. The public hearing will be continued at the board’s next meeting on March 31. ∆

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