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Friday, March 14, 2008


CSC to review Facility Use Policy

The community usage of school facilities is a hidden cost in the budget, explained Building and Grounds Supervisor David Flannery to the Carlisle School Committee (CSC) on March 5. Flannery suggested the cost be evaluated and CSC Chair Nicole Burkel suggested they hold a hearing on April 2 to give “users an opportunity to be heard.”

The Recreation Commission is the most frequent user of the facility. Town organizations currently do not pay a facility use fee, and the school absorbs the cost of heating and electricity when the school is used after regular school hours.

A discussion was held on the feasibility of charging facility-use fees to town organizations, or possibly doubling the facility-use fees for groups such as the Savoyards. CSC member Dale Ryder expressed concern about the effect fee increases would have on the Savoyards.

Costs for operating and maintaining the school facility have risen 94% since 2000, according to a chart provide to the Carlisle School Association from Flannery. In 2000 the total costs for electricity, gas, wastewater treatment, plumbing and supports was $535,705. In 2007 the costs had risen to $1,039,190. The largest increase in expenses was due to the installation of the wastwater treatment facility. Septic system pumping fees of $5,000 in 2000 were replaced by treatment plant operating cost in 2007 of $80,000. Other increases include a 50% hike in electricity and salary increases for plumbers, electricians and secretarial costs (see table below.) ∆

Carlisle School Facility Expenses

Item 2000 2007

Electricity/kwh $.12 $.18

Gas heat/therm $1.24 $1.50

Wastewater $5,000 $80,000

Plumber/hr $50 $70

Electrician/hr $40 $60

HVAC tech/hr $85 $115

Floor finish/gal $7.95 $10.06

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